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Suchoguanodon hybrid 5

One of the easiest hybrid to make in game and it quite good too
Suchoguanodon is a fusion of a (fishivour) and a herbivore, when Yong it eats mostly plants but when it matures it have been seen eating more fish instead of plants
download (40)

Maguanomimius is very different from suchoguanodon it has a body of a herbivore but it is a carnivore

I really think this hybrid can help beginners
All the components are easy to get


Here is my thoughts on your hybrids, and some changes. They are both pretty good, but they need some distinction from one another. Here is my changes for the rare.

And here is the epic


oh btw
a “fish-o-vore” is called a piscivore


thanks i could not thing of that word

yes that way he can be more of a raid creature

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