Suchomimus 50% DOT BUG witch SIA after 1.4.11 Update


Suchomimus “Swap in Abillity” is doing 50% DOT(should do 25%) please fix it:

Full video:

Please don’t use the bug it is bugabusing, i just tested it in a friendship battle.


Not a bug, read patch notes. DoT now does damage based on MAX HP, futhermore DoT stacks, so 0,2 + 0,3 means you get hit by 50% of your MAX HP.


It is just the SIA which does 50%, it shall do 25%, just check the video.
So enemy ist down in 2 turns if he cant heal, even if Suchomimus is lvl 1.


Hey Stormi_YT, thanks for reporting this. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re looking into it.


Undo the entire DOT philosophy you released in this version while you are at it.

Damage OVER TIME… meaning it’s a slow kill… not a drain that is greater than a normal attack.


Adapt and enjoy.


Haha, this bug is so fun, I put my lv10 suchumimus in team trolling those lv25+ Stegodeus… :joy:


It’s more fun in arena now. :joy:


whoever thought it was a good idea for a dino’s attack to be totally irrelevant and have the DoT be based on the other dino’s HP… :dizzy_face: :confused: :unamused: :joy:

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