IGHT here’s the deal. i live in bucks county pennsylvania. i literally have seen about 3 suchomimus’ and i’ve played the game since it came out. does anyone know why it’s so hard to find the suchomimus?


Weird I live in L4 area suchomi is commodity here, plenty everywhere


i honestly have no idea why i haven’t seen them


I suggest tring to get a map of your local areas atleast in your head…like i know i live in a zone 1 and if i travel 500 feet up the road i come to an intersection. Going left leads me to more zone 1. If i go right and a bit down the road it leads me to a zone 3. If i go straight for about half a mile i get to another intersection thats all zone 2… if i take a right at that intersection… i will eventually end up in a zone 4…

Because i live so close to multiple zones… farthest being the zone 4 thats like 4 miles away… it took me longer to figure out which zone i was in cause i saw so many different dinos in a small distance. This has helped alot.

Btw I live in rural Lawrence county pa. Like the zone 3 other then the road is almost all one farm… my local park is state game lands. I do work at a restaurant surrounded by other restaurants, gas stations, an outlet mall, and a strip mall… im pretty sure its also a zone one but so many nest spawns make it hard to tell.


There is one at my house now if you want. I’m in Mandurah, West Australia :australia:
The things are a pest here.
Do you know about the 4 “Local” areas? Look it up on meta hub for spawn locations it should shine some light on the situation.


not sure what zone i’m in or how to know


What Dino’s spawn there usually?


parsaurolophus like a lot , dracorex gen 2, majundasaurus, sometimes spinosaurus,


I’ve always found that Suchomimus tend to be plentiful in heavily built-up areas, like city centres…I’ve no idea what ‘local zone’ that constitutes…Oh and always during daytime, too; during dawn/dusk and night-time, they disappear. Hope this can help, somewhat! ^^


thanks man :pray:


Oh that sounds like me, only I get Shoey too???


but how do i know what zone i’m in?


I’ve tried finding that out, too; the only way I can guess is seeing what creatures are around…Like, if I see a Sarcosuchus, I know I’m in the same zone as Dimetrodon or Spinosaurus…

I’ve been forwarded to Metahub by other members here and found things like this:

Hope this helps, too! XD


It sounds like L4 but that should have shoey? So I don’t know. Make sure to collect that Para DNA it’s boring but essential later on. It’s like Stegosaurus DNA you will always want more.


I did what @Evicton has described. Basically, while you are hunting identify what dinosaurs that appear around you and match them with spawn location table (google “metahub jurassic spawn” and look for post 1.4 update). Then you’ll get a clue what zone are you now. Do this until your town charted (would be handy if you have a map and color markers for scribbled). I could be wrong but I think a local zone is a district wide depends on what city you live could be small or huge, anyone?


Spinosaurs were one of the few dinos that migrated with patch 1.4 they used to spawn in zone 2… sarcos being one of the more common dinos in zone 2. But they spinosaurs and dracorex have switched spawns. That article you linked is old and is only going to confuse since there has been a big migration and a minor one since then. I was confused until i saw the date on the article lol.

Best way to determine zones is by identifying their commons… ie zone 1 is lythoronax and euphlo… zone 2 sarco… zone 3 diplodacus and trike gen 2… zone 4 suchomimus and para.

If your seeing para you might be in the right spot… unless their is a bank near them as they do have a bank nest spawn. If there is no bank maybe thats a border of a zone 4 and you just need to go further in a particular direction.

Also check schools that is their nest spawn.

They also look alot like allosaurs on the map only their faint striping give it and ita not always noticable until you get closer to them.


@biohaZard the updated metahub spawn mechanics is here

So Parassaurolofo and Spinosauro are both local 4
Dracorex gen 2 is a global spawn at dawn / dusk
Majungasauro is a park spawn

As @Evicton well said, there are also some nests, such as:
Banks attract Parassaurolofo
Lawyers attract Majungasauro
Schools attract Spinosauro

So I think you need to wander around for a while and see what dinos you find, to know where you need to go to hunt a specific dino.

I made a google mymaps putting there the local spawnings as well as the rares and epics I see, to find out if there are in the local zones or nests.

Hope this helps.


Suchomimus near my house is like a Pidgey, it’s always on my map. If it was for needing Irritator DNA I’d have Suchitator on my team!


Ahh cheers! That explains why I’ve seen an increase in Spino activity since the update. ^^