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Suchoripterus yah! or Nah?

So i have got enough suchomimus to max it and it will be done this weekend. So u obviously know what happens when a creature is maxed we look at its hybrid and for suchomimus its none other than the suchoripterus. It costs 18,000 for a copy so i will buy one and get it to 20. Unfortunately at level 20 its almost the same as a level 40 chaphy (statwise). So my question is; is it worth to give a locked creature like suchomimus in creating it? How much use can i get from it? Personally i want to get it for looks and new creature’s sake. But i would like like to hear your thoughts!

Personally I wouldnt make it as I have tapejalocephalus and a lot of other good pterosaurs also eudimorphodon, tropeogopterus, pteradactylus, ornithoceirus to name a few which help me out in dominator.

The amount suchoripterus costs is definitely off putting for me, I will make it eventually purely cos I love the way it looks but I’m in no rush to get it

Plus suchomimus is very helpful for me in dom battles


For me unfortunately i don’t have Eudimorphodon (just one copy) and pterodactyls nor do i have even unlocked tropeo and ornithoceirus. Now what do u think i should do?

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I will make like say 3 tapejalocephalus but then i will directly fell to level 40 legendary pterosaurs. Don’t you think sucho will become a good gap in between?

I would go for it then if you are in need of good pterosaurs hes just a bit pricey.

Tropeogopterus is alot cheaper but still he is only helpful in dominator at level 40, at 30 hes just a weak legendary.

Did you get pteranodon gen 2 unlock?

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My answer would be a clear NO… Unless I max the Suchomimus paddock, I’d never make the hybrid. But my sentimental value of locked creatures might not be the same to everyone :wink:


I am okay with giving away it tho

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Personally this is why I dont need to make it yet (and that fact I love suchomimus too much to fuse it away)

I only need to make it once my overall ferocity increases, currently pteras are one of my strongest classes


Boi i was asking to look through my perspective and say whether a suchoripterus is a good dino for me or no. I don’t have as good dinos as you and others. If you have other better pterosaurs then you obviously won’t want it…


No i started finishing in dominator right after it though :joy: the para gen 2

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I would say make it then if you feel like it will help, I have already got unayrhncus and hes of great help at level 20 even though he costs nearly 20k dna

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I’ll get one soon for looks and new creature’s sake, but that’ll be about it.

Eventually, I’ll level it up to Dom team strength (L20 VIP equal, which will be more than L21) and that’ll be it.

To much DNA to invest for L1 Indo strength (L40, which will still be a little weak with a brutal 33 hour cool down)…

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it is more advantageous to create an army of tapejalosaurus and his hybrid very useful creature…


I want a colourful bench not an army of tapejs even though i know they are better than suchoripterus

Okay i am probably not getting suchoripterus.

Probably some other time

well it has several legendaries colored dimorphodon, pteranodon, scafo …

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4 tapejalosaurus = 7225 (discounted price) 7225x4= 28,900. At level 30= 2200 (roughly) health 624 (roughly) atk

2 suchoripterus = 15,215 (discounted price)
At level 20= 1750 (roughly) health 548 (roughly) atk

So the difference between dna is 13 685 more for tapejalosaurus.

Whom should i go for?

I would say tape, because I agree that suchoripterus is far too costly and will probably be one of the last dinos I max in the game. The only reason to get him is if you love his design enough to make the dna price worth it in my opinion

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I am going for suchoripterus because i can get it to level 30 for just 15215 dna.