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Suchoripterus yah! or Nah?

scaphognathus has the same ferocity at level 40 and it’s free by coins vs jurassic.

it can take a while…

sucho at level 30 is 3x15k…


You mean level 20 right? Getting one to level 30 would cost 3 times that.

The only time you wouldnt be able to rely on tapejalosaur and tapejalocephalus is with legendary rumble events or if there was a rules tournament that didnt include rare creatures so this is probably a good reason to get suchoripterus (but then again zalmonodon and metriaphodon would work in these events and are much stronger)

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level 10 metria already has more ferocity than a tapejalosaurus maxed … and level 20 has more than pterodactylus maxed…


I don’t want another tapejalosaurus after makinh tapejalocephalus so for that sake i am getting suchoripterus.

I am gonna max two suchomimus and then i only have to get 6 more dsungaripterus so thats 2 and the reason i said i can get 2 in 18000 is because 4 tapejalosaurus costs 28900 on discounted price so 28900-15215(discounted suchoripterus price)= 13000 or something. So i thought instead of getting 4 tapejalosaurus i would buy 2 instead thats almost the same price but more ferocity hope i explained correctly