Suchotator bug


Letal wound is causing damage of 1.3 times each turn rather than 0.3! Please fix ASAP!!!


1.3 meas any opponent without immunity or cleanse will immediately dead.:thinking:
Am I right?


It’s not a bug. Dots have changed. Lethal wound now does .33 of a targets max HP.


Suchotator has been hitting the gym once again.

Looks like the devs have a favorite dino.


Doesn’t it do 1x damage plus .33 which would be 1.33 damage first hit then .33 on top of every hit after for the amount of times permitted which is 3 … that’s my guess which is why your getting 1.3 for damage hit…


Minor details in patch note: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)
" Mechanics
Damage Over Time (or DoT for short) is now calculated based on a percentage of the opponent’s maximum health. It has more efficiency against high Hit Point creatures, since the effect deals more damage in total. DoTs are an easy way to say “no matter what your health is, you will be defeated within X turns”"