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Suchotator got to go

Can someone explain to me how this is a thing? Not only does it literally has almost the stats of lord lynthroax, it’s abilities in general don’t even make sense. It’s parents would logically make this into a creature to increase attack and do bleed, but instead can cleanse itself from decreasing attacks and nullifying impact. And let’s not forget it’s instant distraction and immense health image


Its just really boosted… and yea its moves dont make much sense but ludia logic, a lot of lower rarity hybrids have weird movesets


It was made back before the in official hybrid rules were inacted…

Back when indominus has 3x damage and exploit wound.

Back when hybrids had better move sets at the cost of lesser good base stats.

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Worst thing is that it’s the first thing I run into when I first made it to Lockwood arena

It’s a fairly good dino, really good for its rarity. If this is what you fear most prepare for some serious nightmares as you progress. You’ll learn how to combat it

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I used to want Tator to get nerfed, but my opinion changed cause I loved using it in strikes.

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Touch my Tator and the Universe will pay a heavy price …


I love my Suchotator! I have to be honest when I first created it, I didn’t give it much love. Now it is not only level 21, but a big key player in many of the strike towers that I do. I love the move sets. Very versatile.

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