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Suchotator how high?

My suchotator is currently at 24 (highest on my team). As I look at the leaderboard, I don’t see any in the top spots. At what point do I stop leveling him and focus on other dinos? I have enough DNA and coins to get him to 25, but do I want to?

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All the way to the top

I’m on the fringes of the top 500 and its been a mainstay in my team for … forever


i have it 24 aswell and its worth it!
It have multiple functions and he is really good against lots of uniques!
so,yes,you can keep level it up.
Its good tanks,easy to obtain and lvl up and the bleed is a must have against those ends game monster (except erlidomimus and magna which will cause you a lot of pain)
But i do pretty good combo with Edmontoguanodon and dracoceratops:
First turn,you bleed,second turn,instant distract (oftenly,opponent will try to stun you),third turn,swap to edmontoguanodon,to stun and finish the bleed)


Man, you really need to clean your phone more often, there is a piece of :poop: on the top right part of the screen :wink::wink::wink:


To be serious imo it’s worth leveling to 21-26 levels, if for nothing else, strike towers.

And if it’s working well for you, then leveling even up to 30.

Mine’s able to go to 24, just haven’t had the time. Wasn’t sure if I even should… guess what I’m doing tonight!

Mine is on a path to 30. I won’t stop leveling it until it’s maxed out.

I only use it for strike towers though.

If you have level 28 Spinotasuchus then still Suchotator is needed?

Apples and Oranges. The only thing similar between the two is the lethal wound.


I think Spinota is a one trick pony - bleed - whereas Suchotator is a Swiss Army Broadsword suitable for a variety of situations; my Spinota is L24 and is reserved for Strike Towers where a second bleeder is required.


“Where a second bleeder is needed”

Leaked footage of PQC playing during said event:



Each time I see a maxed suchotator I get jealous and pound fuse a dozen times. Mine is level 28 and at 14782/20000 to get to 29.

Its good as long as it is higher than team level. When u get to the point where whole team is level 30, suchotator isnt as good anymore

Another question: Should I care/think about Schcotator? when I have 6x Uniques at level 28/29 and Spinota at 28 + either level 25 Dracoce-RAT-OPs or level 25 Magna …

On the way to level 30


That’s harder to say … it is definitely useful when it is overlevelled compared with your team but I would think (and @Dragonclaw927 backs this up) that it gets less useful as the rest of your team closes in on it and it may struggle to keep its place … I’m not quite there yet but I can see the time will come … and on that day I shall shed a tear :sob:

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And you have to factor in the possibility of a hybrid - which is why I am continuing to accumulate its ingredients.

My suchotator is still level 6. Never really understood the attraction of it tbh

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Peaked at rank 31 on Saturday last tourney. It does work.