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Suchotator hybrid?

Do you think that suchotator could be an ingredient for an hybrid in the future? considering that irritator is a very frecuent sapwn dino and it’s been a while this dino is in the wild??


It’s certainly a candidate since suchotator isn’t a superhybrid.


It’d be cool if it did! But it’s hard to imagine it getting a hybrid that could improve it. One of the most incredibly versatile hybrids we have right now. Still eligible for one though given it has yet to have a super hybrid


I can imagine the hybrid getting threads dedicated to its nerf.
“He is too fast I’m reporting game nerf nerf nerf”
“He bleeds to much hes immune nerf nerf nerf”
I think sucho is good enough as he is.


Imagine Carno + Suchotator. Pinning, Bleeding, Shields, Cripple


If a Unique superhybrid is made I don’t think it’s going to be “better” per say. That would be hard to do. I’d imagine they’ll give it a niche that Suchotator doesn’t have. Look at Erlidominus vs Indominus. In certain situations, one can be better than the other. Erlidom is faster and stronger, but cannot hit through armor and is very fragile while Irex has way more bulk and can chunk though armor at the expense of some damage vs Erlidom. Each have their makeup but are useful in certain circumstances.

Now to my main point lol. I’d like to see something on Suchotator’s hybrid like Regenerate and Swoop! Replace it with Instant Distraction. That way one is good at staying in and drawing out the bleed while another is more nimble and can amplify the bleed but perhaps not as bulky?? Think of it as what a Unique Spinotasuchus could have been.

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If it’s ever going to have a hybrid,Will it be at least as good or better than it considering how good and versitile suchotator is

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Don’t touch my sucho :slightly_smiling_face:

Just like Utasinoraptor and Utarinex, one is faster with Critical Impact which has larger damage output while the other has higher HP but slower and capable to run.
The superhybrid of Suchotator could be faster with lower HP, with Instant Distraction replaced by like Distracting Strike or Instant Invincibility.

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