Suchotator in combat


So, I’ve been recently leveling up my suchotator, and I am wondering if it is worth using the DNA over, rather than upgrading my other hybrids that use some of the same DNA. I’ve seen the Suchotator’s stats, and I have mixed feelings on whether or not I should be using it in combat.


Suchotator is the worst hybrid.
Also one of the worst creatures in this game.
Just don’t use Suchotator.


Oh? I guess I’ll take it out of my lineup then :joy:


It might not be so bad in the lower arenas, but at Arena 5/6 where I am, it gets taken down in two hits by most opponents (if I’m lucky). It just doesn’t have enough attack power or health to deal with most creatures in combat. It’d be one thing if it had high attack and low health or vice versa…but it doesn’t have either of those things.


Yup. All of this. Suchotar is a specialist without a specialty.


It’s got a good moveset but it’s stats are horrible. It wouldn’t be so bad if it got a speed buff.
As far as usability I have mine at level 15 just in case it ever gets a second fusion and it’s still unusable. Always downed before it can do anything useful.
Hopefully it’ll get a legendary fusion with something that’ll boost its bleed damage and speed to make it worth creating/leveling.


Yeah, I two-shotted a suchotator with my rajasaur tonight. Never thought that would happen.


The important thing is to bank coins for evolving the dinos, up to level 10 things get really difficult as each evolution cost 4000 - 6000 coins and even more. So if you have billions, no problem keep fusing and evolving suchotator, just to see high level number near her photo. But definitively she is useless in higher arena.