Suchotator is good in epic raids

So my team is raiding the trex.where all level 15
.we have 3 bleeders and 1 healer we use bleed at first round damage is 2500 and bleed is 6800 then round 2 its finished we then we know trex will do his shields and increase attack we use nullify cuz we have 2 suchotator then we finish it in round 5 or 6 if you use one bleeder the bleed will be 1600 when full level suchotator. so its best to use it when doing epic raids

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It’s a useful one to use in epics, try 4 Suchotators and alternate Instant Distractions so you don’t receive damage, lots of fun :slight_smile:

i think 2 distractions make trex no damage when big hit

You can beat it in 2 turns using Carno, Rex (not speed boosted) and either 2 Gorgosuchus or 1 Gorgo and 1 Irritator.

Woolly can be beaten in 3 turns - and use bleeders for that 3 Thyla and 1 Spinotaraptor

then who heals?

its resilent it can remove distraction

There’s no need

It can’t cleanse Distraction

ooh forgot wolly has no resilent