Suchotator is so good now

Idk if it’s just me, but Suchotator feels like it’s jumped 2-3 tiers. Crazy good. Now I’m actually not ashamed I leveled it so high!
Kentrosaurus isn’t just hybrid fodder now either.

I liked Kentrosaurus before the patch, even better now, just need the dna.

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sucho is amazing now. mine in lvl 15 and i wiped out a lvl 18 allosaur and half a stegoceratops before dying lol

Mine was lvl 11 before and now it’s 13 (almost 14). It takes out raptors up to lvl 18 super easy, barely an inconvenience :):wink:
I really like it’s moveset.

Suchotator has such a nice toolkit. If its attack was just a liiiiiiiittle higher he’d be top tier I’m sure of it.

Sucho is pretty bad just because DOT is dead, most it does nowadays is null impact an immune before dying lol

Mega necro-post lol


This was two years ago

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I wonder why this isn’t closed yet😂.
Unfortunately, Suchotator isn’t very good now 2 years later, maybe it will become usable in another 2 years time assuming the world still exists :rofl:


Maybe after two more years this will be closed.