Suchotator is so good now


Idk if it’s just me, but Suchotator feels like it’s jumped 2-3 tiers. Crazy good. Now I’m actually not ashamed I leveled it so high!
Kentrosaurus isn’t just hybrid fodder now either.


I liked Kentrosaurus before the patch, even better now, just need the dna.


sucho is amazing now. mine in lvl 15 and i wiped out a lvl 18 allosaur and half a stegoceratops before dying lol


Mine was lvl 11 before and now it’s 13 (almost 14). It takes out raptors up to lvl 18 super easy, barely an inconvenience :):wink:
I really like it’s moveset.


Suchotator has such a nice toolkit. If its attack was just a liiiiiiiittle higher he’d be top tier I’m sure of it.