Suchotator lethal wound CD bug

It’s written that suchotator’s lethal wound has 2 turns cooldown. But my opponent used it in 1 turn: lethal wound, instant distraction, lethal wound.

Another bug that will last for months?


Oh, didn’t notice the change in the description. The cooldown was one turn before but it seems they didn’t change it…

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They thought that changing description is enough to change it :rofl:


It has said Cooldown: 2 since 1.4 was released, I was actually surprised they didn’t fix it in this update.

They don’t fix any bugs.


Uh, they did fix Superiority Strike’s function to follow its description, and saying they don’t fix ANY bugs is an exaggeration.

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Hey Tenterro, could you provide our support team here at with more details of your match and the date and time of your battle so our team can investigate? Including your support key will be helpful as well Thanks!

Really you need more details? Can’t it be straight-forward for developers/team to check?

I can confirm the ops issue with the move rotation lethal wound, crippling, lethal wound has been a viable rotation on suchatator for months… its decent strategy for someone who likes to swap,

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More details? Go for any battle, select suchotator and use lethal wounds. Despite written cooldown 2 it works actually with cooldown 1.

Here’s a video instruction how to do it:


Thanks for sharing that information! I’ve brought it up to our team directly, and they’re still looking into it. Once there is more information, we’ll be sure to give everyone an update here on the forums and through our other social media channels as well.

Before 1.5 i told you the same problem was happening with spinotasuchus. Not fixed yet. Is that hard to change a text?

Anyone notice the cool down times not following what they say on certain dinos? Suchotator Lethal Wound says cool down is “2” yet they use it, then use instant distraction then if you switch Dino’s they use it again. That was one turn (instant distraction) after using lethal wound. Also Monolometrodon (or Tragodistis, I can’t remember which one it was lol) same issue with the cool down being shorter than it says they should be with greater stunning strike and long invincibility. I remember they had this issue with TREX a while back but fixed the description of his attacks to give the correct info. Anyone else notice this or am I just crazy and miscounting.