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Suchotator mod in ark survival evolved


kinda of a werid topic but I recreated the suchotator from JWA into ark it dose not have the bleed attack yet but it will get it I also recreated pachygalosaurus and alangasaurus on another topic I hope alangasaurus comes to JW alive as its a very cool creature

anyways I wanted to share my cool creation thats from JW Alive so thanks for reading


Wow, nice work! How long did this take?


oh only about 3 days for textureing and stuff I have friend who helps me model as well its an edit of arks baryonx but when I showed my Friends on discord it they thought I ripped the models from the game XD but if you compare to arks baryonx you can see the similarity. I plan on making more dinos from jurassic world alive and jurassic world the game I really love the two games to death and ive been playing them for a while same with jurassic park builder the designs for them inspired me alot thanks so much

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I LOVE THIS! When will this be available?

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Mod link?i want to check it