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Suchotator needs buffs


Hello guys,

I just wanted to give some balancing feedback to this particular dinosaur.

The problems:

  • it has the pre-buff spinosaurid stats. This means its stats are much worse than either suchomimus or irritator. So whats the point of getting it? Why would a hybrid have so much less damage, speed, crit chance and health than its materials?
  • it has useless abilities which all do only 1x damage

The solution:

  • give it the exact same stats as the suchomimus. About 4000 max HP, 1250 dmg and over 120 speed with 20% crit chance
  • give it an attack boosting ability like irritator
  • give it a 1,5x or 2x damage ability like Rampage
  • keep the immunity


Hybrids should be a balance of both parents imo. Like almost as much health as Sucho & almost as much damage as Irritator. Same with the rest to balance meta.