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Suchotator rivals trex?


As I recently found out, many people say suchotator is the best rare (ankylocodon was also there but I can’t find ingredients). I’ve successfully reached lvl 13 on my suchotator, she doesn’t do a lot of damage and is rather tanky. But i found out that suchotator was more powerful than I first thought. I have rivalled rexes, stegos, ceratopsids and much more. But really would you lvl suchotator? Also if you don’t have an alliance join the Troodon YT alliance now!


Mine is currently a level 21, waiting on coins to be a 22. He has been on my team for months and I wouldn’t trade him away.


I have found her to be quite good… Ive lost many a Stegod in battle against Suchotator… built mine up to lvl 20 now and shes quite strong… :slight_smile:


Glad to see people agree that suchotator is good to use


Have every intention of continuing to level it. Just glad it got reworked from the original version.


Suchotator is the most underrated dinosaur in the game. She’s so versatile: 20% crit, nullifying, slowing, Instant Cripple, and BLEEDING, plus excellent health.


she’s not underrated at all lol


Not on this thread, but most people don’t give her a lot of credit since she’s rare.


she’s literally the most used rare in the higher arenas. she’s not underrated at all.

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SuchoT ruins chompers, especially Allo and Rex for those in lower arenas. Never loses its usefulness as you go up so definitely one to level as high as you can take it

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Suchotator is a bit of a paradox for me. When I face her in battles, she is a nightmare but when I’ve used mine she did hardly anything and was a waste.

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Suchotator is the best rare by far… it can beat a higher level Indoraptor one on one! Few non-unique dinos can do that without getting really really lucky.

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Suchatator has always been on my team. Bleeding and nullifying are effective moves. Mine’s at level 26, but is valuable at all levels. Keep in mind that bleeding is based on opponent’s max health. I love that.


Suchotator has been on my team since I first created her and she’s currently lv 18. Generally speaking she can hold her own in a variety of situations and I’ve never once contemplated dropping her from the team. She’s definitely in it for the long haul.

Also, when the opportunity arises, I love chaining Suchotator’s Lethal Wound with Dimodactylus’ Swap in Wound. It never fails to catch people off guard with the 58% DOT on the turn Dimodactylus enters. :smiling_imp:


I can’t imagine the pain of fusing that thing


I like my Suchotator. There are some epic strike events that she is also very useful that can give lower level players an opportunity to defeat the strike event.


Suchotator is a great dino as long as the opponent isn’t immune. If the opponent is immune, even a common Dino like ophiacodon can destroy sucho. It’s mainly useful because of strike events where the opponents’ moves are not strategic (like indo uses cleanse first turn).

In actual arena, suchotator has clear counters like immune dinosaurs. But in the current meta Dinos with immunity and counter attacks are not good (they sacrifice too much stats for these two passive abilities), so bleeders became very strong.


One if the most versatile dinos in the game. I’ve almost got mine to level 24 and I’m not stopping. The rest of my team are Dracorex gen 2 for now and Legendaries. I dont have any unique yet cause I’ve only been playing for 2 months.


Well, mine is level 27 - and I’m not stopping here. Although not used much where I’m at (4,900 - 5,100 trophies) that can be an advantage. Opponents often don’t know she has nullifying, for example. My Spinatosuchus is only lvl 19 so I depend on my Suchotator- best counter for Tryko who is very common here.

I definitely recommend her. :slightly_smiling_face:

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