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Suchotator, spinotahsuchus or spinotahraptor


I am getting ever closer to utahsino, pyritator and spinotahsuchus. But in the meantime should I replace suchotator for spinotahraptor or spinotahsuchus (when I get it very soon) or just leave suchotator in

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Hey TroodonYT, this will usually depend on what the rest of your team looks like. However, Spinotasuchus has been really useful on my team since day 1.

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Personally I’d leave suchotator in as it will survive longer than spinosutchus if suchotator isn’t bled.


I personally prefer Suchotator, but I will admit that I’ve been envious of Spinotasuchus’ speed and Critical Impact.

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I use Spinotahsuchus myself, although I do think she needs a HP buff. Suchotator has a more varied moveset, but nowhere near as powerful for most things.

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suchotator is just so much easier to level and really strong as well, spinotasuchus hits hard and is one of the fastest dinos out there :slight_smile: but I would wait 1-2 week until we have information about the upcoming update (hopefully). Just to be sure not to overlevel sucho in case it gets a unique or something :smiley:


My Suchotator is in my team (and always has been) and is level 30; my Spinota is L24 and on the bench.


My level 30 spinotasuchus is on my team. My suchotator is still level 6 :joy:


I gues you won :smiley: I am sure that lvl30 spinota is a beast

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It really is. 3400+ crit impact is big and of course 129 speed is always a huge advantage


Then again I’m the only person in the top 10 still using stegod so :man_shrugging: maybe not the best options on my team but it works for me


@TroodonYT, I tried the switch and went back to Suchotator.

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I always win vs a suchotator in a team. Hes abit of a weak link in higher arenas and spinot is quicker. Sucho is more situational where as spinot (at level 26+) is very useful vs all dinos.

Spinot just needs to be high enough of a level to absorb a hit


I currently use both tator and spinotasuchas. Trying to decide if I should drop one or take them both to 30. My tator will get to 29 by the weekend.

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Spinotasuchas has been an instant impact on my team. Depending on the opponent… Landing bleed then DoT severely hurts there first dino. Plus speed and critical impact in case…


I personally leveled Suchotator, because it was easier to do so… She’s now level 30 and has been a staple on my team since 1.5. Spinotasuchus is definitely a better dino, but suffers because of low HP… Suchotator can survive a few hard hits and is a great Tryko, Thor and Indoraptor counter… One on one against Spinotasuchus, it’s usually a draw, with both dinos wiping each other out… Am at 4.9k trophies after the tournament reset and don’t plan on retiring her any time soon.


It’s always such a toss up between suchotator and spinotahsuchus, I personally like suchotator bc it’s easier to level, and has a lot more HP. Even though spinotahsuchus is faster, in a face to face my sucho usually wins that bc of instant distraction, and mine is a level 24.
I love that it has nullify bc people usually forget and use evasive stance or cloak against it. And the instant distraction is great against those heavy chompers. Also has superiority strike in case instant distraction is used on it as well.

You’d probably be fine with either, whatever you do just don’t lvl up your spinotahraptor any more bc that thing’s a waste. Total garbage. :joy:


I use spino at 5500+ :man_shrugging:


4760 and lvl 26 Sucotator.
The reason? Easy to level in comparison to spinotah.
Another reason is using DNA of Kapro for Megalosuchus and I think now ir is a bit late to create her.

In 1vs 1 it is usually draw unless My Dracoceratops 24 is in the team.

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Spino is definitely the better dino, no doubt about it… Suchotator is the poor man’s alternative! But it’s a pretty good alternative, considering it’s usefulness and ease to level. P.S. Never claimed I was a top player, I just mentioned my trophy count to give an indication that Suchotator is viable in mid Aviary, so don’t act like a baby…