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Suchotator vs indoraptor


Luckily indo didn’t crit.:sweat_smile:


Awesome! I used monostego and tyrannolophosaur! I don’t need bleeders :yum:

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My pyrittor did the job for me! First move distraction rampage critted indoraptor uses cleanse move I am left with 75 health but alive indo has 1750! Armor rampage = bye bye indoraptor

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Done that a couple of times… Sucho is one of the few dinos on my team that can take on Indoraptor by itself.


You say it like there is something wrong to use bleeders.

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I’m not saying it that way, I’m saying that I use different dinos, not trying to put down bleeders.

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It’s fun to get creative with Strike towers… well played @guarou!


I did indo strike with a level 21 suchotator. It was within the easiest strike I ever played.


I got my mate to do it with a L17 Suchotator and a L10 Dracorex. Only lost Dracorex (G2).

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