I love Suchotator so much now. Raptor enemy? Pff… who cares. They’re going to pounce? Well let me drop your attack instantly so you only do 70 dps, then bite you and become faster then you and win.


Pfft why not just use a Stegosaurus first? literally any other dinosaur I would put out there first would always be countered with a Velociraptor or Utahraptor and now that the Stegosaurus has another slowing move other than Thagomizer you can bascially slow them in 2 moves and kill their raptor.


I love mine, too!!! I spent so much time leveling him up (because I could actually GET his DNA mix)… Now she/he is a true beast! #cantbeagirl


I liked him more with his 2.4 times damage and reduce enemy by 50% attack. That though was obviously an OP typo. Even though it only did 2 times damage it was still insane.

Th instant cripple turned him into a raptor hunting raptor.


Because suchotator can insta cripple any raptor pounce, after that he can attack and become faster and then leathal blow and cause damage over time or just kill them in that hit, if not the raptor is going down with me.


But a strong Stegosaurus cripples their speed and you literally can rack up 1400-1600 in just 2 moves if you’re lucky enough one of it’s moves gets a critical hit. Raptors are basically 2-hit kill.


I pretty much put a beat down on Suchotators even with a Stegosaurus. The only dinosaurs that can beat my Stegosaurus quicker are sometimes T-Rex or the Baryonyx b/c they just destroy the shields.


Raptors are fairly rare at high levels, but yes Suchotator is great against high damage foes


Can u send me a pic on here of him I cant relate the name to picture lol👍


This one @dinolord


I have him at level 15 but never use him . I use to rotate my dinos a lot but I have had battles against him and he’s a tough one even more so after the big update :+1:



I wish I had him now… I think they are trying to make everyone happy and so near every Dino will be good in some way … I hope lol