Sucking the fun out of the game

VIP here.

Ludia has just about sucked the last bit of fun out of this game. It costs 40 gems to recharge the event on the third tier. I have to pay 40 gems for the honor of being destroyed by teams who are 3-4 levels higher than mine. I was looking forward to this event, since I usually fair well in PvP. But 40 gems just to lose 85% of the time? You’re out of your mind, Ludia. If I win 1 out of three fights, it would cost me 40 gems just get 1 win. Times 20 wins is 800 gems for a card I may or may not need.

Oh, and did I mention it isn’t even a fun grind?

Tick Tock, Ludia. This whale is ready to jump ship.

Absolute garbage.


At this point, I feel like I’m holding on for the potential joy of playing the new swamp area. However, it seems to still be 2 full months out, and this event is effectively spoiling the new monsters and their tactics.

Sad thing is I also used to be a fully paid up VIP member for several months until they started screwing with everything and not adding sufficiently compelling content or features to justify spending any further money on the game.

So now I only play for a short while each day unless there’s a guild raid, which is once a month.

I feel that more and more people will drop out from VIP until they don’t have enough paying customers to even keep the game going.


True. For a free to play game it’s rigged more and more with every update to steer you twords spending cash to advance.

Here is new content…give us gems to play it.

Something that can only be gotten through lucky dice rolls and small amounts from chests. Amounts that are inadequate and don’t increase with any math that makes sense to keep up with our character and gear levels.

Much like Vegas this game is rigged so that statistically they are going to make money. The house always comes out on top.

Weapons and items. Do they get stronger above lvl 16? Stats wise yea… but they don’t have any extra abilities. Messing with them was a mistake. Body armor is a joke now. It doesn’t have any abilities. And like everything else basically maxes at 16. Which is a joke against lvl 40 monsters.