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Sudden Losing Streak


I don’t get it… I know about the match making system and that everyone goes through losing streaks, but my last one was really crazy.

There I was around 4000-4100 trophies for weeks now, so I’m thinking that’s where I belong… Then I get to 4200… 4300… and I start losing to stronger opponents (2 or 3 levels above mine), ok, that’s normal… but then these same kind of opponent keeps coming for me back at 4100… and 4050… and 4000… Next thing I know I’m back in the Ruins at 3700, till finally the monsters stop coming.

I’ve had many worse losing streaks before, but they always happened with bad RNG on crits and moves of evasion and stuns (mine failing and my opponent’s working). This was the first time I was really rekt consecutively with little hope to win… At one point I faced an Indoraptor six levels above my dinos, I mean whatha hell is that? Seems like some kind of sick joke… Ludia really should improve this system.


It has been that way for me since the current tournament started.


I think it’s a domino effect related to the tournament… everyone trying to climb up pushes others down, who in turn kick others lower and so on.

It should ease off soon as people reach the trophy count they wanted and start to camp out. And the tournament will end!


You’re probably right…


Maybe but I never encountered this during the last tournament. Everyone seemed to play nicely then but now no chance.


One can expect a rise or fall of anything up to 300 trophies a day, depending which way the RNG is blowing. Its the nature of the beast.

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Yes, i too had a significant loss streak this past 2 days similar to this effect. Movimg forward i plan to instead do darting and supply drops on tournament days.


I made a thread a few days ago saying I would stop with the battles, but then I find myself doing them again two days later :sweat_smile:… Damn you Ludia, this game is just too fun even though it’s so revolting…


I’m sitting at 4750 exactly and haven’t battled for days. It’s just too stressful to battle during tournaments. I much prefer the “I don’t care if I win or lose” battles when tournaments aren’t going on.


I wouldn’t worry about it! I just had an 8 loss streak knock me down from 4.5k to 4.1! Sucked at the time but the 8 insanely easy match ups I got straight after left me back at 4.5 again and with a lot of incubators in a short time!


It’s like if you raise your trophies by 500ish pts next game will be against crazy bot if you fail against the bot you get non stop bots for a while if you win back to usual battles. Can only be avoided by taking breaks intermittently has been around since day 1 just it triggers of consecutive wins instead of losses like it used to


I’m not complaining just stating the reason. You are seeing this because the removal of bot opponents has kept people from skyrocketing trophy counts. This is creating a bottleneck. I know they aren’t totally removed. If you do end up choosing to battle the AI there will be no trophies awarded. Hence the bottleneck


This seems to be the pattern yes. But incubators dna doesn’t seem to match the satisfaction of levelling up, at least to me. I may be getting tired of the repetition and leaning over getting new dinos.