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Suddenly in wrong alliance?

I’m a bit confused. Until an hour ago i was part of an alliance called “Berserkers”.
Now i logged in again and it suddenly shows me as part of the alliance “TheFarms”.

I can read their chat.
I can donate.
And i’m listed on their memberlist (on Top position, since everyone there is about 3k points below me).
When i go to my friends list it shows me as member of “TheFarms”, but all my other former alliance-mates are still listed as members of “Berserkers”.

What happened? Has anyone else experienced this bug?

Hey Planck, could you reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can take a look at your account?

In the meantime, try restarting your game again and see if it places you back in the correct Alliance.

I did write in. Restarting didn’t help.

They may have changed their alliance name

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Have you read what i wrote? They haven’t. My friends are still i in it. In the new one i’m over 2000 points Higher than the next one, in my old alliance i was about place 10.

Do have children with access to your account? I’ve had alliance members leave and request a rejoin, saying their kid was playing and messed up some things.

Ok… Visual glitch?

Maybe they kicked you out and someone on the farms invited you in?

Wouldn’t i have had to accept the invite then? Also: No reason to kick me.

No children in my household.

I haven’t heard from support until now. Maybe i should just leave and request for my old alliance? What worries me, is that i haven’t collected my rewards from last week until now. I hope they are not gone when i come back.



I was able to join my old alliance again by myself. Only answer from support until now was that they are busy.

Only thing is that i want my alliance rewards from last week!

26 hours ago i got a reply from support just asking when exactly this ocurred and if there was an error message. Nothing since then.

So, now that it took them about a week to look at some log files they say it’s my fault and that

“The game isn’t able to transfer members from one Alliance to another without authorization”

Well, a bug is a bug.