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Suggest to add injure status to the arena battles

An exciting battle in real life, can cause severe injure to the creatures, which require a few days to recover or heal. Why not in this game?

I suggest to add injure status after the creatures fight a few battels.

So the new status for each creature will be:
healthy: Full health, attack, speed (last 10 battles);
Injured: 1/2 health, attack, speed (After 10 battles in healthy status, remaining 1/2 stats in 24 hours for healing, but still can battle with low status if you insist);


  1. Need more varity of different creasures in your team when your main team are injured (not same 8 always);
  2. Avoid Apexes dominate arena, they need to back out when injured;
  3. Avoid a few top guys dominate arena, they need to back out when their main team injured;
  4. More chance for lower level to win when top guys are injured, which reduce droppers;
  5. Boosts should applied to more creatures evenly, not always for a few strong ones, which will increse boost sell;
  6. Boost reset event could happen, which won’t have huge impact on certain dinos only;
  7. Healing medicine may be in sell to reduce some hearling hours (but should not be instantly healed), which increse game sell;

Battles for raids and tournaments should remain full healthy status.

I’ll give you points for realism and creativity. But I REALLY don’t like it when F2P mobile games lock the ability to play the game behind waiting a certain amount of time. The incubators are fine, but if they just didn’t let you use certain dinos for a certain period of time (unless you paid cash to speed up the wait time, of course), that would be a terrible player experience.


It won’t stop you to play, you just need to use more other dinos, not always 8 of your current team.

But what if I want to use those dinos at full strength? It’s just too unneccesarily restrictive.

Plus it will make leveling and progression even more painfully slow than it already is. Instead of needing 8 dinos of a certain level to progress, you may need dozens unless you want to wait 24 hours every few battles.


All my idea is restrictive. If you always stick to current dinos current team, the arena will be more broken.

Yeah I don’t want it to be like jw the game were you can’t use a dinosaur of a certain period of time


I am not exactly in love with this idea, I don’t exactly want to have to wait for my dinosaur to “recharge” like in JWtG, in that game you can at least have multiples of the same dino, but here nope


Your idea does slow down some of the paying players quite a bit. It doesn’t really hurt droppers as much though: they rely on using bad teams anyway to drop. But they would have a much harder time climbing back up. If you can afford to buy boosts and level up many dinos for your team, this doesn’t hurt you as much. But if you’re a free to play player who barely scrapes together enough coins and boosts for a full team of 8 dinos, it hurts you a lot.


I think a better idea would be having an option for a team roster of 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 creatures. it would increase diversity in the arena and wouldn’t really have a significant impact on the current arena mechanic rather just increase the pool from which the 4 creatures are chosen… if the idea gains enough traction ill make a separate post abt it


This. This I like. I’ve been wanting bigger rosters for so long!

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I like this. If the larger team size is mandatory, you do still run into a problem where it’s harder for FTP players to fill out a whole team, so it’s slower to progress. But I do like the variety. Maybe if it was a minimum of 8 dinos but you could optionally have up to 12 or 16 if you can fill those slots (like how some TCGs don’t have an upper deck limit).


yeah that’s what I was suggesting so for example, a player in the Marshes who prob doesn’t have enough battle-ready creatures could select 8 creatures to play from (the minimum) but people in the Depot or the Shores could theoretically run a roster of 16 or even 32 creatures since they have more endgame dinosaurs


players who want even more variety rather than a competitive pvp experience could even theoretically create a roster from all their creatures and have randomised teams

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That would be nice! I wanna use more creatures on my team! :t_rex: :sauropod: :crocodile: :t_rex: :sauropod: :crocodile: :t_rex: :sauropod: :crocodile: :t_rex: :sauropod: :crocodile:

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Lol that would be fun! And I like that it’s self-balancing, since having smaller teams gives you a higher chance of drawing certain dinos and allows you to boost said dinos more with limited resources. You can expand you team as much as you want, but at the cost of predictability and overall team strength.

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Hey, I think I found someone with this already.

Because Ludia…


Aw man, I want two Gigaspikosaurs!


Me too man, me too…

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4 indoraptors

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Also they have the dna badge twice!

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