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Suggested buff to the 3 classic legendary tanks

With new creatures and hybrids being introduced, the 3 classic tanks : Nodopatotitan, Gigaspikasaur and Stego become less and less relevant in the Meta. They are some what out-shadowed by the new Tanks.
So I’d like some small buffs to help them gaining back a little status in the Meta.

Nodop : Gain immune to stun
Having the least attack value among the 3 tanks (no Rampage), immune to stun helps it to still being able to dish out medium damage from stun moves while gaining speed advantage for it and its team.

Giga : Gain immune to distraction
Half the damage output of Giga is from its 0.5X counter attack. Without superiority strike, its value is greatly hindered. Immune to distraction helps it dishing out damage consistently which can be surprisingly high.

Stego : Gain Precise rampage instead of normal Rampage
Stego has the highest active damage among the 3. Gaining precise rampage helps it a lot to deal with evasive meta creatures.

Your thoughts ? : D Do you want to buff these classic tanks ?


All in all, I agree with giving these 3 very iconic tanks a few buffs, especially Nodopatotitan. Plus, making Stegodeus an easier to get Ardentismaxima would help her to be usable again.


Stegod having precise rampage would certainly gives me reason to bring her back into my team and continue to lvl her up (currently 26). And may also indirectly make bleeders relevant, like spinota.


I’m using stegodeus at 29 with only health boosted (around 7300), he is useful against erlidominus or even both indoraptor, also against yoshi. True precise rampage will be amazing on him, could be a big buff.


For Nodotitan, I’d like to see a buff to Gemini levels of health, just because why not.


Yes, it has the least damage potential of all 3 and its health is not remarkable. So yeah why not.

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My other idea for Nodop :
Gain swap in slow (from Giraffatitan) and replace bellow with Dig-in.

But I’m not sure if it will make it a pain in the axx to deal with since it has much higher health than other dig-in creatures. And It also might change its playstyle too much.

I’d like these buffs, but nod can use a damage buff to.

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All 3 sujestions are good nodopato could get a 0.5 damage buff on its counter atack without being super strong, a crit buff would be good either


Very much agree. Both Stegod and Tragod are still on my team to counter Erlidom…:blush:

I would rather see a real surprise coming.

New Move: Indestructible shield.

Shields can’t be broken by anything.
No Thor, No counter-attack, no Maxima or Indoraptor…

I do anyhow agree we need A LOT of new dinos.

I’m not really fond of handing out immunity gift cards to many dinos. We already have an immune meta, things like distraction and stun wil be irrelevant in every tier If this is done. That said, i do agree they could get some sort of buff. I’d like to see a rework of thagomizer for starters. This move is too weak and boring for a stegosaur signature move.


I agree too. Thagomizer is just a weaker slowing impact. Don’t know why they still haven’t buffed it yet while they have the time to buff cautious strike. :roll_eyes:

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What about tragod? Another good tank very similar to stegod.

I think it is time to have an actual unique tank. Not talking about Tryko. But unique for tragod/stegod that can be an end game creature

I forgot about it…as I was looking at the 3 super hybrids of apato…do you have any ideas?

Tragod / Stegod won’t get a unique as they are already super-hybrid. Unless they change their system but I think the chance is slim.

For tragod, I think its health is way too low. Would increase that to maybe 4200.

To create a unique.,would suggest combining with either kelenken or Entelodon to create a fast tank. This would be a very different creature

I am not sure how to suggest the actual powers/moves. But maybe something along these lines ; (tragod with Entelodon)


30% armour
10% crit
Definite strike x1
Instant rampage x2
Long invincibility x2
Greater Stunning strike x1
Swap in heal
Minimal counter attack x0.25
Immune to stuns

Is this too overpowered?

I mean, it sounds cool, but Tragod can only be buffed, it’s already a super hybrid, so no future Unique for it.

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Yeah Tragod can’t get a Unique hybrid, same as Stegod.

But I agree some of them, particularly Stegod need something new added to them. The problem is new dinos come in and along with them new skills, but many of the old dinos get left to rot and no longer viable. Some of them need updating with the new toolsets.

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No it’s just impossible to happen. Tragod is already a superhybrid so he can’t get a unique.

So sad. Tanks need a unique or two. Just like what sauropods got with maxima and gemini.