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Suggested cooldown changes

Suggested move cool down changes:
Instant invincibility, debilitating distraction, evasive stance, group acceleration, cautious impact, group invincibility, heal, revenge distracting impact: cooldown is now 2

Distracting strike, revenge distracting strike, group takedown, nullifying impact, nullifying rampage, revenge nullifying rampage, adrenaline pulse, bellow, taunting bellow, critical impact, definite rampage, evasive impact, evasive rampage, expose weak spot, extended critical strike, group decelerating impact, group decelerating strike, group distraction, group ferocity, group ferocity strike, group instant distraction, group shattering rampage, lesser emergency heal, lesser group heal, short defense, taunt shattering rampage, : Cooldown is now 1

Definite impact, emergency group heal, group takedown, raking claws, strike and run, taunting rampage: Delay is now 0
these changes make moves more consistent.

definite rampage should have 2 turn delay, because IS DEFINITE move, specially because ludia likes to give distraction inmunity to creatures with definite rampage.

distracting strike with 1 delay will make that all the time you will be distracted, so better use cunning strike for that.

only 2 dinos have definite rampage, and of those, only 1 has distract immune
distracting strike shouldnt just be a worse version of distracting impact. might as well give koola gen 2 a buff.