Suggested Fix for Battle Team Selection


I’m sure we’ve all had the following happen at one point:

You’ve got your strike team picked out, tried to balance it out to have a variety of roles (tank, DPS, debuffer, etc). Feeling pretty good about your choices, you turn to the Battle Arena, get a match and…

…The matchmaking system has selected your team of 4 as all of 1-2 types of dinosaurs, and your opponent’s team (or worse, singular dino), just happens to hard counter all of them. You try as hard as you can to use whatever synergies your team might have, but it’s all for nothing. You’ve already lost from the moment the randomized selection picked out your team.

I understand the point of having your exact team of 4 being chosen from 8 possible dinosaurs (limited pool of dinosaurs, the challenges of using the match’s picks to win), but the RNG involved in the process is excessive. If you go through the trouble of making picks to have a balanced selection of dinosaurs, the randomization might work in your favor, and it might not.

I’m currently in the Badlands hovering around 2200 trophies. My current team is: T-Rex (G1), Gorgosuchus, Kentrosaurus, Ankylocodon, Velociraptor, Pyroraptor, Stygimoloch, and Koolasuchus (G1). I’ve intentionally picked out 2 speedsters, 2 tanks, 2 burst DPS, and 2 debuff/technical choices. All too often, I get teams made out of all my more fragile dinosaurs whilst thrown up against a team of tankier dinos capable of shrugging off the big hits to chew them all up in short order.

My suggestion to this is simple, and fairly easy to implement. Of the 8 choices for your strike team, each pair of choices is in a bracket that randomizes which of those two you get, for each match. In other words, rather than each of your 8 members having a 1/8 chance of being a part of the 4 member active strike team, your choices for your 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th have a 50/50 chance for each sequential pairing to be the active choice of your actual fight.

RNG will still factor into final team selection for a match, but with this implemented as a system, the RNG of the final composition is vastly less likely to just straight cost anyone a match by virtue of generating the weakest possible team your 8 dinosaurs could produce, and virtually eliminate the possibility of RNG biasing a match from bad compatibility between opponent teams.


Battles are getting dumber and dumber by the minute

Bump for visibility.


It would sort of force your 8 dinos selection to be a 2-2-2-2, while some players might think it’s better to have, for example, 3 tanks instead of just 2. Or just 1 glass cannon, or whatever.

Still, I think I’d like this better than the current absolutely-random system.


My team is almost an even split between tanks and tank-busters, because for some reason, when I got my random team, I would never get a tank, and my damage would get destroyed. Having classes might help if, for instance, it guaranteed at least one of each class on your team, so even if you only had 2-3 classes to choose from, you would definitely not get all of only one class. Therefore, not only damage and 0 tanks. I think you could parse at least 5 classes from the dinosaurs we have now, Attack, Defense, HP, something like Support/Debuff, and a Special or Hybrid category for ones that are between one of the other four.