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Suggested solution for Stat Boosts in Battle Arenas

I’ll begin with saying that I’m not a fan of the stat boost feature and the potential/evident problems it has created in the game. Ludia played two April Fool’s jokes on us, starting with Lord Lythronax and ending with Stat Boosts, which gives you the ability to create your own mutant dino-freak. I hope the devs consider my suggestion.

I’m a level 15 player (as of this weekend) with 3100+ trophies in the battle arenas and began playing the game last summer when my 4yo son introduced me to it (he really loves dino’s and the JW franchise) and asked me to help him capture the dinosaurs.

Each creature has been created with its own strengths and weaknesses but this new feature destroys that concept

My son introduced me to this game too lol. We love going on dino hunts together. Neither of us have used any boosts on our dinos. To be honest, we preferred the game without them. They don’t feel needed. In the end we won battles, we lost some but we strived to find the DNA to make our teams stronger.

Exactly! I feel the same way.

I accidentally posted the topic before completing my message lol. The solution I am suggesting is this… Maybe the devs can create a battle arena strictly for non boosted teams to battle in or add the stat boost into the matchmaking criteria. So that teams with stat boosted creatures only battle other teams with stat boosted creatures. That way you cater to both the players who are for and against the new feature.

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Would be a great idea

I had seen a post on the fan Facebook page suggesting changing the boosts so that the lower the rarity the more boosts it could have and vice versa. So maxed out uniques could only be boosted a tier or two and commons could be boosted ten tiers. This would alleviate the troubles top ranking players are facing and diversify the lower ranks. I think we all agree there are common dinos we wish were viable and not having to dedicate so many boosts to our “mains” would allow for more use on other less used dinos