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Suggesting a new move : Invincibility Strike

I just want to suggest a new move and see what you guys think about it

Invincibility Strike :
Deal 1 X damage
100 % Shield for 1 turn
Immune to all debuffs, Defense shattering damage and nullifying effects for 1 turn.

Power creep to instant invincibility you think ? To balance it off, it only has a 75% chance to trigger its effects. If it doesn’t trigger, it would just be a normal 1X damage stirke.

I’d like to add more variants to this move set too, such as Invincibility Rampage and Instant Invincibility Strike. They have the same effects but the former do 2X damage, and the latter is a priority move.

So…yeah it’s not a suggestion thread. Rather a rant thread.

I’d rather not have another invincibility move in the game. There is too much of it as it is in my opinion. But damage reduction/shields is fine. You can’t make it immune to debuff’s though as that defeats the point of having debuff/nullify dinosaurs.

I know… It’s actually a rant thread, not really a suggestion. I was being ironic.

Read again and you’d know what I meant.

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Didn’t really pull it off if you had to explain it afterwards though.

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Yes, but I thought it is not really that subtle… Maybe it’s too long that people just don’t bother to read through.

I did read it. Twice in fact as I didn’t quite get it to start with but I didn’t see any sign of irony in it.

This is a rant about the power level of Stun moves.

The Invincibility Strike already exist in the game - the name is Greater stunning strike / impact / rampage / instant stuning strike.

Everything I described is basically the effect of stunning strike provided for you.

I’m not sure why no one ever wonder how stunning strike overshadow shields and damage reduction effect. You are doing full damage, 2X damage and even priority damage and gain 100% damage reduction, as well as 100% immune that turn. Comparing it to instant invincibility and instant distraction, the latter 2 seem like a joke. They do no damage to the opponent and they are still vulnerable to damage shattering moves / self-buff moves, and bunch of negative effects.

Stun moves in this game is just unbelievably over the top but I feel like everyone just live with it as if it’s not a problem at all.

Cough. Chough. Just another thing for us to complain about XD
lol, I agree. Stubs are op

I was so on board with a new skill that deals damage while giving you a invincibility shield :frowning: why’d this have to be a rant thread

That is actually possible.

My comparison highlighted that if you want to defense, you’d probably better use stun moves rather than shield / distraction because stun moves is actually combining attack and defense together - in comparison, shield moves are just pathetic. Instant charge is thousands miles better than instant invincibility and instant distraction.

Even if they really make a move that attack and grant you invincibility shield, stun strike is still better because invincibility is still vulnerable to nullify, damage shattering and bleeding. The only drawback is that stun is relying on a 75% chance.

So I’m not sure why are the defensing moves are that bad in this game while we actually can use other move to be offensive and defensive at the same time. IMO they have to change the way how stun works (and evasion is basically the same) while making shields and distracting moves more useful.

Invincibility moves dont deal damage.
Strike moves deal 1x damage.
Invincibility strike should be called Invincibility.
This is a terrible idea. We dont need more rng.
The point of shields is that they can be shattered and nullified, so they have counters.

I did.
Why did you try to start a controversial topic?

Why not ?
I’m not sure if it is controversial because not enough people commented about it.

What is you opinion on it rather than asking something that is not the subject ?

I just posted my opinion.
You just told me to read the comments.

Rant topics are controversial.

So what do you think about Stuning moves being a better defensive move than shields and distraction moves ?

Stuning moves are combining attack, defense, and immue all together.

What is your opinion on this phenomenon ? You think it is fine ? why ?

Stunning moves aren’t defense.

So stunning moves remove immunity?

This is all off topic.
I’m not sticking around.

Stuning move doesn’t not remove immunity. So are not the distracting and shield moves.

Even though Stun moves doesn’t remove immunity, they benefit more than distracting and shield moves by having much more advantages on other circumstances.

Imagine using instant distraction on immune creature, and imagine using instant charge on immune creature, which one is better ?

But this didn’t need to be said.
How are they immune? This doesn’t make sense.