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Suggesting a new move : Invincibility Strike

Good, because I can see you are not really coming to discuss. You just want to dismiss the topic. Please go.

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Because by stunning the opponent, they are not receiving anything for 1 turn. Hence, it is actually like an immune for 1 turn.

You’re just trying to start a rant topic.

Immune reflects negative effects.
So what your saying is, stunning gives them immunity and an upper hand.

They aren’t immune to damage when they’re stunned.

I’m guessing you are someone who really like stun moves, that’s why you are so triggered and care that much.

And pretending to not understand is not going to make you right.

I personally hate stun moves. I also dont care at all with this topic. Just came by to see an idea an came by a flaming topic.

That’s why you stay much longer than anyone else and replied to all my replies, absolutely.

Can you please stop replying to me?
I’m trying to read other topics.

Sure, I won’t.

You do know that if you didn’t post this reply, I won’t suddenly reply two times right ? :smiley: just saying.

Have a nice day / night.

You obviously havent stuck around enough to realize making rant topics is a bad idea.
Let’s settle this.
First bump :fist_right:

Yes, I’m rather new. Thanks for your warm welcoming. :smiley:

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