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Suggesting a new name for the game

Be it: Titan Uprising: Gritty Sawmaws.

Yep, they’re tough! If you can’t beat em, join em!


It’s like cowboy countries back then — who shoots first, who wins.

But the duel isn’t fair when defense team charges up constantly(and fast) while yours depend on luck largely.

This variation in game play isn’t fun. If everything is more likely to be luck dependent, what’s your skills for. Why not change the Arena to Dragon Casino?

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Sawmaw Uprising seems more brief.
Although I have one, I still want to see them get nerfed. They always fight better in enemy teams. Enemy teams always have no more dragons than my team, making their sawmaws harder to kill than mine. And enemy dragons get hit and generate spirit, so it’s more often they get their ability ready when they’re about to die, but that’s not the case with my team.

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Oh come on Murmurquill beats up sawmaw on like all accounts

True, that is due to the heal block and the health they gain.
If you have a fully maxed sawmaw and murmur on your defense team you’d be close to invincible. Throw in a maxed Dreadfall or Skullcrusher in with them and you’d be good to go.

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That’s not true. Sawmaw is reduce energy speed, which is fundamentally advantageous in Arena. More often murmur dies on offense team before he could use his ability.

Sawmaw vs murmurquill on the defence team