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Suggestion about arena

In arena I either win without losing one dragon or lose without taking down one enemy dragon, even if against the same team. The result of a battle often become certain before reinforcement ever comes out. So I suggest if reinforcement comes with some spirit can help change that.

Congratulations, you’re the first to propose making arena harder

Seems I have made a mistake. Arena is already too hard. I have gotten kind of a lose streak. However, reinforcement hardly seems to make any real change to a battle. If I am to win, they can hardly stop me. If I am to lose, I hardly get to see them.

I’ve had close battles, usually when I fight 300bp or so above me. If they remove bots and we get real matching this will change

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I want to add another suggestion, setting the limits for players to attack a certain someone.there is a player that attacked me 6 times yesterday, and another one attacked me 4 or 5 times today,I think the devs should make the limit of attacking the same person, lets say 3 times is the max and then you can’t attack that same person a 4th time.

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@itami weird I do not have an option of re-attacking the same person, it even won’t allow to revenge if 24 hours have passed… how can other players attack the same person multiple times?

@Military_Jane, it’s like that the person who attacked you just keeps on getting you whenever he clicks on “find opponent”.

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Yup the matching system us screwy. Get all bots or all players in rerolls