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Suggestion- Add a Paid Option to No Longer See Ads?

I would enjoy an option to be able to play this game without the ads for VIP and other paid features.

I would pay to have these ads/purchase options hidden. (Perhaps make it a monthly offering similar to VIP, but with hidden paid options instead of game perks?)

For those of us who don’t currently pay to play bthe cause we’re not competitive natured, this would enable me to have a better game experience as well as to have a more freeing experience with my young children who like to use th AR function inside the lab.

Thank you for your consideration!

When you’re VIP you don’t see anymore vip ads. I don’t know what other ads you’re talking about but I don’t see any ads as a VIP. So if you want a monthly subscription to just not see ads…just get the VIP so you won’t see ads AND you’ll get the in game perks.

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Thanks! What I’m thinking would be a similar, but a bit different- I would hope for it to not give other paid offerings like the incubators, paid option to buy in-game cash, one-time offers with level up, etc.

The only ads I see are speeding up incubators. And you can pay 3 bucks and avoid this anyway so which ads are you talking about?

So, wait, you want to pay to get rid of the VIP ad, but not get VIP???

The benefit would be to get rid of all ads and options to buy things. Think of it this way- if you put th game into the hands of a kid, would there be any way for them to spend real money? Just take away (hide) all ads and options to pay any real money.

I’m saying that I’d pay a monthly subscription price to have all that removed.

Ads? Only ads there is are to open a 15 minute incubator straight away🤷🏻‍♂️

Based on your OS, doesn’t your phone require a fingerprint/some validation before making the purchase? If the credit card is required to be added to this game specifically, cannot you remove your card on the file so any purchase attempts fail?
Why do you want to pay for not being able to pay? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I am willing to pay to not have Pop-ups and paid offers all the time.

Yes, if you accidentally push on an ad or offer it will take you to your system app where you would have to put in a password/finger print to complete the purchase, but its still annoying and takes away from gameplay. Even when you come right back to the game it loads a screen to tell you your purchase was canceled before it will go back to the game (and we all know how annoying it is when the screen doesn’t load quickly, so to have an extra screen and another chance for it to go through re-calculating the gps just adds to the annoyance)

I would love to not have to deal with all those annoying ads! And yes, I’m even saying I’d love to not have ads so much that I’d pay to not see them. Similar to the way you can pay to have a membership on a certain website and no longer see ads and pop-ups when viewing content on that website.

Now that I cancelled the VIP, I get a VIP add popping up every 10th drop. That is not as annoying as the “I’m a passenger” button when moving too fast every 2 minutes.