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Suggestion: Advance Brawl Chest counter even if we lose

I’ve been enjoying PVP. I’ve had some intense battles so far, with some epic wins and losses. I’m not sure how I feel about the team composition being random, which is a totally different topic, but given that PVP pairings are very random, it often feels like losses are beyond our control, which adds to the sting of defeat. I think it would be nice if that sting were reduced by offering a consolation prize, and the “Brawl Chest” seems a good way to do this.

My suggestion is thus: Opening a Brawl chest (or the vip chest w/ gold) is changed from requiring 8 “win points” to 30 “kill points”. Kill points are awarded at the end of battle, based on how many of the opponent’s Heroes you defeated.

At current, opening a brawl chest requires 8 wins. THEN, you need 16 more wins to cycle back around to be able to open another one (with the gold reward and VIP chest in the middle). Assuming a 50% win rate, 32 matches are required to open a brawl chest, after the first one. This feels like a lot, and simply looking at the counter makes it feel like a far-off goal.

The number 30 was chosen by multiplying 8 by 4 (the number of heroes to be killed), and rounding down to make it nice and even. Of course, winners get the full 4 points which is about equal to what they receive now. Advancing the counter based on kills is an elegant solution because it the player that looses still needs to put the effort into killing the opponents; i.e. they can’t just go AFK and toss the match to far brawl chests. Even if the player is loosing, they still feel motivated to continue, because they know “well, if I can just kill one more opponent, I’ll be closer to the brawl chest”. If players were able to continue working towards a brawl chest even if they were ultimately defeated, it would give them incentive to continue battling, even if they’re on a frustrating loosing streak.

great suggestion, a very elegant solution to this problem. I’ve been thinking that before VIP it was so annoying to get the brawl chest back. like you say, had to win 8 battles to get a little gold, then 8 more for the brawl chest again. I’ve lost quite a few battles where the dragonborn and/or the cleric are the only ones left and this would makes these types of losses not sting as much. Awesome idea!!