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Suggestion and issues

There seems to be an issue with characters that have gone on break. I keep getting little notifications in the app that Sam Knight and Angel Reed want to keep chatting but when I go into the messages it just tells me they are on break. There’s no option to keep chatting.

Also there is a notification on the chat icon when not in the chat menu but when I go into it there are no new chats.

Some of the emoji coding is broken and comes out as text.

The cost for showing photos is extremely expensive so I opt to not reveal any, I can’t justify the cost.

It would be great if there was a feature to create an account or connect with facebook so all purchases and progress can be saved.

Ways to earn gems would also be amazing.

Otherwise, I am loving it.


I’m glad you’re enjoying Lovelink, DeeS! Thank you for your feedback and report as well. :smiley: