[Suggestion] Badge for Top 500


I have a suggestion.

I think users should get a badge or some kind of reward for getting into the top 500. Maybe something that tells the max rank they’ve ever held? I love the battle feature and take a lot of pride in hitting the top 500 (and mostly staying in it) but I do wish there was something more to recognize it or something gained from being in it.

Just my thoughts.


Wish the game included many extra achievements and badges to collect. Get very stale at level 10 in the marshes. No new dinosaurs to create because legendaries are too distant. Fighting bots and losing more than you win to hover at a certain level of trophies…


If you loose more than winning, your Team is obviously not strong enough for competition there (like if you got no Legendaries while all your enemies bring Indominus, Utahsinoraptor and more).


Very awesome idea. I’d really apprecciate something like that :slight_smile:


Ha ha you’re funny… What you mean is I keep getting pitted against op bots of players on much higher levels. The matches are hardly ever even when you reach the marshes. Been here for 5 weeks now and still bouncing. I am not willing to spend money just to level up dinosaurs and beat teams I should not be fighting. Should be enough players to now have even matches


The fact that I have been here so long shows I can use skill and brains to beat level 22s with my 15-19 teams. When I have to fight 23-27 levels I just can not get enough hits in. Comes down to maths not skill.