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Suggestion: Better boost system

This is probably too optimistic, but I’ll try anyway. A while ago I made a suggestion to change boosts 2.0. With some thinking added some details and reasons why this change would be way better than current or past solutions.

So lets start. First of all, speed, health and damage increase with one tier is still too high. Too expensive cost for one tier created huge gap between those players that buy boosts all the time and those that buy them occasionally or not at all. In old system things stabilized as spenders stopped boosting dinos at some point (tier 8), so other players could narrow the gap. In this current system that won’t happen at least not soon enough.

To make battles enjoyable again and matchmaking more fair I suggest next changes:

  1. Health and damage should increase for +1.25% each tier. 4 tiers would be equal to leveling creatire one level. Creature boosted to tier 20 would be “only” 5 levels higher than same level unboosted creature.

  2. Speed should increase +1 each tier. This may seem really low increase, but would allow fastest speedsters to remain faster than max speed boosted chompers (Thor would have max speed 129), so all speedsters with 129 speed would stay faster with only one boost tier.

  3. Costs for each boost tier should change to:
    25 boosts from tier 1-5
    50 boosts from tier 6-15
    100 boosts from tier 16-20

Limit how many boosts can be used on one creature should stay.

Why this boost system would be better?

  1. All players would be able to boost most of its team creatures first few levels.
  2. Differences in battles would be lower.
  3. Faster creatures wouldn’t quarantee winning a battle (even in boosts 2.0 speed many times decide the winner).
  4. Average difference in level, because of boosts would be 2-3 lvls.
  5. Overboosting one stat of single creature would be less beneficial due to lower health and damage difference between lightly boosted and overboosted creatures.
  6. More fair tournaments with boosts, as more players will boost creatures for tournaments when their team creatures will be boosted.
  7. Easier to boost and add new creature to the team.

What would this mean for Ludia:

  1. More boosts sold.
  2. Players will less likely stop buying boosts after they will finish boosting their team.
  3. Game will attract more new players, cause of more fair battle system.
  4. Players will finally accept boosts as positive addition.

I think that is fair. I’d also like to offer another suggestion.

Scrap the whole system. Do a massive refund to everyone. Introduce the new system below:
Boosts sold as/ with Skins with Dev approved sets of stats. (it’s hard to balance a game when you give a majority of that balance control to the players) The percentages can either stay the same, or be changed to what you had. Skins can just be a flat set of stats, or we can do an upgrade system with rarities. (lower rarity skins provide lower stat increases and the opposite for higher rarity.) Base skins can be sold in the shop on some sort of rotation. Maybe some rarer skins as well. Special skins for tournament prizes as well as events. And i don’t want to leave the non boosters out of it either. Same skins that don’t have any stat boosts applied and are only for look customization purposes.

This system can also be used in tandem with the current or a revised version of the current boost system.