Suggestion box: Coins

What’s your suggestion for earning coins? I think the supply drop allotments are fine. My biggest criticism is the amount you earn in battle. To me it should be 1500/victory (or draw). That’s 500/dino. I’m ok with daily limits as well.

I think they should introduce daily rewards of coins and darts, or just coins. Like a daily login reward. Yup totally stole that from another new similar game…


We do get free incubators every 5 hrs. I’m just tired of getting 44 coins for epic battles😕

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I got an email from ludia once that ended with “if you have any suggestions pmease let us know”… So I sent them this idea, many games have a daily log in reward to encourage frequent play.

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you gotta remember that most games don’t let you walk around in the real world to get the game resources for free. you have to earn them from playing or buy them. so they have to tone down the freebies a little.

you can get up to 15,000/day from the standard SDs and 7500 from the event SDs. and remember the defeat 10 creatures incubator give you like 1600 coins i think.

15 000 a day , it depends of your lvl no ? And if you are VIP or not. I only get 500 for the 10 defeat dinos.

Would be great to have daily missions at least to get coins/money/darts/scents and why not a special dino at 7,14,21,etc… days in a row

@GPx says it . Others games are doing it and they are allowing you to walk in real world to collect ressources :wink:

You dont even have to walk to collect coins there… you can literally sit and collect commons and destabilize them for good chunk of coins.

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And you can craft material :smirk: if It was dino i would still play it but not a fan of ghosts…

An idea that I’ve just had is if the amount of coins you got for a battle would be equal to 50% of your trophy count. That way we would all get a decent amount based on our performance rather than some random number.

Such as, for a not so random example, earning 36 coins after taking out an Indominus Rex without taking damage. At all.

Perhaps have it so you earn 10 coins for every mile you walk playing the game. It’s not going to break the game and it’ll help reward players going out and playing.

You can get far more coins from the Supply Drops. I normally get around 70 or so from each one. Granted, hitting every Supply Drop would be a waste of darts but they refresh every 15 mins.

The coins from the defeat 10 dinos incubator is just like other incubators, depends on your level.

i’m lvl 15 and still get 500 coin on that incubator

Exactly. I’m lvl 11 and get less than that.

For vips the defeat 10 creatures gives better rewards ie guranteed stygi and better coins mine is worth 1300 i think at level 14