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I think if Ludia wants people to spend “real” cash they should make things available that people want. For example it’s obvious that everyone is after the speed boosts. And how about the DNA we really want to level up dinos. If the DNA were available we would buy cash for coins to level. But as it is I’ve got a team averaging 26 but nothing available to level up so I just collect coins daily for the time when I find the DNA I need. Sure it’s a lot cheaper this way but I’m wondering if I can ever get to end game at this rate. Not everyone has several hours a day to just hunt but still like the game and would pay some to accelerate the extremely slow process. I’m an accountant and know this would increase revenues for you. Just a thought.

Lol really? Do you suggesting to available option to buy DNA for dino which you want? That’s stupid idea which will make the game not pay to win but pay to play …

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I suggested something similar to this many months ago. I think that Ludia expects too much real cash for some of their transactions. If they had like a $5 8h incubator for say hybrid components it would fly off the shelves. They would made money hand over fist. They could rotate the theme of the incubator and make it not a massive amount of DNA, but also not price gouge it so only whales will buy. I think an 8h incubator is a reasonable amount of DNA for about $5, guarantee a little bit of exclusive DNA, and hybrid components and people would buy it… a lot.

I dont necessarily agree with specifically buying the DNA you want.

Buying specific DNA would wreck the entire point of the game. What would be the reason to go out looking for dinosaurs when you could just buy all the DNA you want when you want? JWA is more than about Tournaments and Arenas.

If you could straight up buy Dino’s or components it would ruin the prestige of them and ruin the scarcity. Both of which are the hooks that keep the spends in.

Just look at the boosted debate. The issue isn’t the boosts it’s that the performance given is devaluing the already heavily invested in Dino’s.

People forget that Dino’s are more like buying stock rather than a tangible. Like say a car. You buy a car it is what it is nothing but what you do affects it and you own it completely.

Dino’s are not that way. They are a representation of interest in them. They are subject to out side forces (much like corn futures are affected by drought or fungus)

At the end of the day you don’t own them or even the right to use them as that is conditional on ludia permission to do so.


I was suggesting make the DNA available in the wild more so people need coins. I don’t need to buy coins because by the time I find enough DNA I already have enough coins