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Suggestion: Change how boosts work

Boosts are currently pointless and basically a new gimmick to take money from players. I understand how the game owners would want this but there are 2 types of games nowadays 1) pay-to-win 2) others (pay for vanity stuff -> still generates tons of $$).
JWA has enough potential to be 2) but with features like the current boosts, it leans heavily towards 1). Yet that is not the main problem with the boosts mechanic.

So what is the problem right now? The problem is boosts only cost cash and are unlimited with the right promos and enough cash. Eventually since people don’t need to choose to prioritize what stats to boost, everyone will level up the current top dinos (that used to be top dinos before boosts) and what you end up is again the same dinos except this time they are level 38 (lvl30 + boosts). This may take a few months or even a year, depending on how Ludia decide to handle selling boost points, but the concept is flawed in its core. You will still end up doing the same identical mirror matches that we got completely bored of in 1.5, 1.6.

How to change it so that it works?
Put a total dino-based limit ( should be less than the cumulative max limit of hp+att+spd) on how many boosts you can apply. For example if you now have 8 tiers for each stat that would mean you can boost your dino 3x10 = 30 times. Instead of 30, allow for maximum of lets say 12, or even 16. (This should likely be tested with some concrete data and numbers to see what makes more sense.)
However, this way you force each player to prioritize what to boost in any given dino. Also, I think boosts should be harder to obtain/achieve. Currently tier5 boost makes a huge difference, yet its quite easy to achieve. And its been what, a couple of weeks into the patch? People already having full lineup of tier5-6 dinos.

I would even argue that boosts should have less of an effect and even be awarded based on experience gained by a given dino. For example when your Thorado gets its 50th arena KO, gain 1pt, 100th kill - another point etc. But this also has its problems of being potentially abused. Unless they restrict it in some other ways, for example kills gained in tournaments. The problem with this is it gives more advantage to the more active players so the recreational ones will whine more and the gap between hardcore and recreational will widen further.


I really like the idea of getting some kind of reward based on experience/KO’s of a dino battling in the arena. Even a stat of that would be nice to see how many KO’s how many times it got killed etc… a stat sheet that builds to a reward for that dino.

Also, i just remembered I am re-iterating KingDreadnaught’s idea where he detailed here: New stat boosts system

@Ludia_Developers bring this to the attention of your Product Managers.

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On this forum we are all re-iterating eachother xD

Boosts are only available from completing your daily battle incubator , and once a week from a boost strike tower . So pay to win is no longer relevant . Yes , it was initially , but there’s no difference between buying a load of incubators or buying boosts . Everyone has the option , some choose to buy , some not .
Everyone , with or without boosts finds their place in the arena . Before the boosts people would complain about players getting the new hybrids so quickly because they bought incubators . These pay to win players enjoy climbing the leaderboard , and happily pay to help their progress . So free to play players complaining is crazy . Let the pay to win get to the top . They deserve it , and get on with enjoying the game according to what you put into it .
Every update , every tournament , all the gameplay is only possible thanks to those who pump money into the game .
The way the boosts work is fine by me . When I get wiped out by someone who has clearly boosted their whole team to the max , I figure they may only get a temporary buzz as the game is pretty much over for them . I will continue to use the boosts I get daily , and the strike tower once a week that are free . If we get the option to purchase them again I may buy a few more . I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the addition of boosts to the game . And I haven’t taken advantage of any glitches and have no Dino over level 5 boost .


Sure, but thats not even the main underlying fallacy of the mechanic. The concept is flawed so they try to control it by slowing down the dispersion of the resource. Instead they can improve on the actual mechanic then the supply control will serve only as that and not a tool to slow down the problematic mechanic

I would honestly keep boosts and lose 3-0 to Mr.MegaBoostedThor than constantly run into peeps who dinos all out level mine by 5 levels.