Suggestion. Chat Translate

I know we’re one year into a broken alliance chat, but it would be nice to have the chat Translate.

Our Alliance had a someone join who doesn’t speak English. I have to Google translate everything they say or I say to them, it works but it’s slightly awkward. The emote phrases are supposed to be auto translate (I don’t know if the works properly) so it wouldn’t be too hard? I know it’s won’t be soon but it’s an idea.


I was just wondering the same thing. I try to be inclusive of all nationalities in my alliance. I, Like OP, have been using Google translate for Spanish and German but it takes time and yes it’s awkward. Please Ludia give us chat translation.

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If they cant fix the chat and the rest of bugs
What make you think the translate it will work??


I’m not sure I trust Ludia to have a translator.

I remember seeing posts that they don’t even get the foreign languages right.