Suggestion: Coins for Cash


Just a small suggestion of trading the in-game coins for the in-game cash. Like other games, the cash is always difficult to comeby. Coins are really easy to obtain, which I’m not complaining, but can we do something like that?


I’m glad more people are beginning to agree with me that coins aren’t really a bottleneck and could be a better mechanic if they were more versatile


I’ve played so many games that have that weird trait about them, so it doesn’t surprise me that JWA has it too. 'Course I have other games that are a bit more generous about that kind of currency, but this one could use it. (After all, I have a Dilophosaurus being dangled in my face, and I don’t have enough ;^; ).


Agree coins seem to be fairly meaningless as there are so many in supply and hardly needed for much, evolving dinosaurs barely makes a dent. Cash takes far too long to ear meaning anyone willing to pay money ends up with a distinct unfair advantage.


I guess you play the game for 2 days and have dinosaurs level 5 ?

My velociraptor costs me 15k coins to level up. Think about it : how long did it take to you to get 15k coins ? And hey it’s just one dinosaur, there are 7 more in your battle team that also need 15k coins to level up. It’s 120 000 coins just to level up 8 dinos to one level !

So tell me once again how coins are not a bottleneck or are meaningless I’m listening.

I’m up for interesting suggestion to make this game even greater but before you have to play the game a bit longer to see the mechanics behind it. Just saying :wink:


Yeah I saw how much more it costs to level up if not fuse dinos (thanks to Instagram), so I agree they are important. Though the cash itself is still hard to come by regardless if it’s incubators or supply drops, so they could make it a little easier to obtain.


Imo cash is very easy to obtain as a VIP. So far every day was a full cash day for me (50 cash / day) and my coin cap is also increased. So i get more coins / day AND 50 cash / day. Its a good investment; active play gets rewarded with decent cash as VIP pays for itself… In cash and even gold if you do the math.

1500 cash from supply drops, 300~ from free incubators = 1800 cash / month. If you had to buy it you need at least 16+€ ; VIP is ‘only’ 10€.

Same for cash; at level 11 i get 9.200 cash / day; double of NON-Vip. Thats 276.000 cash a month; so thats 138.000 more over a non-vip. That divided by the amount you can buy in the store for cash (500 for 25.000) = an other pile of 2.500 cash worth of gold. Im not going to lie but VIP is very profitable. 10€ is just like any other subscription; spotify, netflix or anything really. For the full experience you still want to pay.

Im not even counting incubator gold (especially if you skip it with your earned cash) and arena gold… At some point you will need LOADS of gold to level up; better start saving for later! Sure in the end its a f2p game but anyone who wants to invest time and money into JWA; VIP is a good deal.


VIP doesn’t count (though I’m sure you guys struggle at some point), and those that cheat and use some kind of joystick to get around (like in Pokemon GO) definetly don’t count. I’m talking for those that are either in bad areas and/or are casuals, 'cause I’m sure not everyone has enough free time to go hunt dinosaurs. People work too, which easily cuts down how much cash they can earn a day, so to say how “easy” it is to earn cash because someone’s a VIP just makes them look like a jerk. Not everyone has an extra $10 to give the game each month…and this game has only been out for what, maybe a couple weeks?


I get what you’re saying Angela, and you are 100% correct - not everyone has the time and/or the means to play for hours & hours a day.

That being said, by virtue of the fact that said players can’t play as often as they make like, it means their Dino’s will level much slower than the ‘others’ and won’t hit the stage of the game where it’s 20k+ to evolve a Dino for a very long time - so for a more casual player, they will get a lot of value out of incubators from arena’s etc. Play smarter, not harder haha


2h a day is nothing if you can make time for yourself. For me its a ‘daily workout’ as i go running / by bike and catch dinosaurs. Id rather skip watching tv or… And go outside to enjoy good weather and a good game. You can’t expect cash to ‘fall from the sky’. This is a grind game and at some point people will see it and might quit due to ‘not having enough time’; being non-vip only makes it ‘worse’ if you plan on being serious. Games like these are very unforgiving if you don’t invest time into it (PvP related). Once players start to catch up when they start investing time into such games while others don’t of can’t - then its fairly quickly for those to admit this isn’t their game. Im not sure what a casual means to you but im playing a minimum of 2h / day, can’t really say thats very hardcore. Even after work i still try to invest time into it which i mostly can, even if its just 1h.

Thats why i also said its not just 10€; its still money at the end of the day. For me thats 1h of work; which is one month of play time. Imo very much worth it. It remains a f2p game but at some point you need to invest either time or money or you will fall behind. You really don’t need cash; all the features of this game are f2p; just if you want it to spend on incubators its ‘locked’ behind a paywall; which is only fair for everyone. Look what the top 100 of players look like if you go on a cash spending spree; please don’t give everyone heaps of cash, the top 100 is ridiculous.

For those who live in bad areas ; Ludia is constantly adjusting supply drops so that won’t be an issue if they do it right.


Not everyone is you, dude. Not everyone has that extra hour or two. That’s the point I’m trying to make. Players out there are either cheating and/or able to get out, or possibly live in more urban areas vs suburbs. I’ve gone to the local supply drops that I can grab and they don’t spit out much (granted having more darts is always great, point being). All I’m saying is, trading coins for cash instead of the free “offers” would be a nicer option. There’s ways to do it with coins being plentiful.


Haha, yeah you’re right. I’m still trying to figure out my dinos, and I think I get along okay, but sometimes I get dealt a bad hand (lord forbid I don’t have my raptor). I’ll laugh if I can keep battles going with my low lvl dinos XD