Suggestion: Color Customization


“Oh lord, this guy has another wacky one!”
Um, no, last thing I want is a neon green and pink Trex. Yeah, looking at you, Sonic OCers.

Anyway, no, I don’t want wacky colors (unless you count Diplotator), but more natural ones that we could choose from. Especially considering the Hybrids which some get some really gross combos (Nodopata) and others could just use something nicer (Einia). Again, they could be more natural colors, like Gorgosaurus’s slate blue, or Dracorex’s nice teal. The only ones untouched would be the special ones like the Raptor Squad, though IRex and Iraptor could use a little color (like they get in Evolution).

What do you guys think? Would you like a more greyish Trex or a more greenish Stego?


I don’t have any problem with the colors. I just wish they’d make the crosshair easier to see when I shooting dinos.


I don’t either, but sometimes they’re not very easy on the eyes.


I’m confused, I saw someone call you a guy before and you said you were a woman :thinking:


Because that person is an idiot, and can’t tell Angela is a female name.
Either way, I am 100% female, but I’m not offended being called male terms.


I remember that happening. Can’t remember who the idiot was, but yeahhhh… There’s some out there who just don’t get the whole “gender” thing with names.


I am so confused. I thought you were calling yourself a guy in your post :joy: I always thought you were a woman… bed time for me :joy::roll_eyes:


I would personally like to see some of the colorizations from the movies. Like the tiger striped raptors from JP2. Or the colorizations of the T.Rexes from JP2.


Yeah, I would totally be fine with this. A lot of the dinos’ pictures are slightly different than the actual dino. Like the Sinceratops is less bright than the picture, and I actually prefer the picture for some reason, same with others like the T. Rex. I would love this though!


i forget who said it, but someone said “this game isn’t for girls”… whatever that meant lol… it was probably that person


I remember that they said something along those lines. Friggin male chauvanist idiots.


Haha no, not at all. I’m a girl, I just don’t care if I get called a guy. In real life, people have actually mistaken me for one.


I’m a human, but people have mistaken me for an alien. You don’t know how difficult it is trying to convince someone that you’re not going to ram your ovipositor down their throat and lay eggs in their ribcage area.

But then again, the people I run into in public are idiots, so who cares?


… it’s probing time


Just consider that people might still customise their dinos in the absolute gross way you think…


I’ve always wanted this myself. A way to customize our team and make them more to our liking. Take the velociraptor, for instance, there are so many colors an patterns you can see in the movies and you only get the basic one, which is beautiful but maybe other options could be great. Raptors are more varied now with the introduction of Owen’s squad but it’s just an example. I’d love to be able to change some colors and make some customization, they would feel more like my own creation in the lab rather than just the base dinosaur you can find down the street.

However maybe it would be a problem in battle? We are used to the base colors and if we see a, let’s say, brown Tarbosaurus, we might get confused and sometimes think it’s a T-Rex. Yes, you see the name of the species and such but when fighting there’s a lot you have to consider when choosing moves and you might get confused. I don’t know, really. Maybe a feature that makes your opponent see the normal colors if they prefer it so that they don’t get confused?

Anyway I’m all up for more customization!!


How about T-Shirts with a customizable team logo, and sunglasses, and straw hats… hawaiian shirts! Get a whole Nedry look going on… Dino’s fighting in T-Shirts… yeah…


Lol, that happens in every game. I’ve dealt with many, many weird guys who don’t even believe me when I say I’m a woman, and I’m like lol, alright believe what you want. Might help that I love playing with male avatars/characters sometimes, but then again many guys play with female characters and people accept they are males. No idea why it’s so hard to believe that there are lots of female gamers out there :thinking: but whatever


I’ve double checked… I’m definitely a girl too


I think it’s probably still that whole thing that gamers are mostly male. While this is true, there’s been more female players on the rise, and yes, we like Mortal Kombat XD