[Suggestion] Despawn-timer on rare dino’s and up


So yesterday I had the unfortunate luck of missing out on some great dino’s.
First I saw a Spinosaurus when I just woke up, rushed halfnaked out of bed and just when I was outside, he was gone.
Few hours later, I just got in the shower. Checked the area and saw Echo. The raptor squad is high on my list so again, ran outside just to saw Echo dissappear when I was about to press ‘Launch’.
Same thing happend again with dracorex and Postimetrodon later that day…
To say the least, I was pretty frustrated barely missing out on these awesome catches… Especially when you see them dissappear right before you press launch and after you dropped everything to go out after them…

So long intro for a short suggestion: maybe they could add a timer for rare dino’s and up to show how much time you have before they are gone. That way you can see if you have the time to go after them. Would love to hear others opinions on this.
Thanks for reading,


Having some kind of timer would be nice in these situations like we have for the event dinos :slight_smile:


Or either some sort of “alert” like the yellow or blue circle under the dino flashing if the dino is going to disappear in X minutes or less, so that you know if it worths to run for it or just resign yourself that the opportunity to catch this dna is gone.


Was going to post this suggestion myself, definitely agree a timer would be nice :slight_smile:


I’ve already suggested it… about a month ago. But nobody listened to it.


Sorry, just new to the forum, I didn’t know. I can’t believe you got so little reaction on this topic… IMO, a feature like this is a must. It would save the players alot of frustration when they can visibly see if they have the time to go after the dino. And it wouldn’t change the game or give us an unfair advantage, just some info to know if its worth getting after.
People have important stuff to do and when we drop this to go after that long awaited dino, it would be nice to see it wouldnt be for nothing.
Let’s hope we can make some more heads turn this time!