Suggestion: Disable Vibration Toggle

Just like the title says, I want to be able to disable ALL in-game vibration. If a dinosaur pops up, I don’t want the phone to vibrate. I can see it just fine.


I would too…

Push this

Still no solution for this?

What I do is I just put my phone on silent and it does not vibrate or make noises.

You know what is funny, the other day my phone just started vibrating for dinos which I thought was weird. I’ve just realised that my phone is nearly always on silent which might be why I never get the vibrate. :woman_facepalming:

my phone is alway silent
and it does nevertheless vibrate :frowning:

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i only can stop it vibrating by activate the “do not disturb” mode what is not really cool - i just can speak for android users:

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YES! Love my android for that.

What I’d like to see in next update is the option to enable and disable vibration for creatures spawning. Ludia please

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Ludia, this has been addressed so many times and there are phones where even dnd mode doesn’t shut off the vibration when dinos spawn. This is currently really annoying with the Giga scents where I have now vibrations every two minutes for hours. Not cool. Please if you can do something about it this would be appreciated… Maybe it doesn’t need a new update to program something to solve it!!!

I got lucky, my dog pulled my phone from the table with the charging cord and the vibrate was really awful for awhile. Now it quit working entirely! Ahhhhhh! :grinning:

Please can we have a setting where we can disable vibrate for a new creature. I play in silent and this annoys others or wakes them up.


Hi Helen,

If you have a Samsung phone you can turn the vibration off in the notifications settings. If you long press on the JWA app icon you will see details. From there you can go to notifications and adjust it to your liking.
I assume other brands have something similar to adjust.

I have a huwawi phone even if I turn vibrate off it still goes with new creatures

You should not use the normal vibrate button, but the one in the notifications environment.

Thankyou I have turned every vibrate off in tge settings and it’s still vibrating with a new creature

Yeah, it’s not working on Huawei and Honor Phones, even if you activate dnd mode… Very annoying and addressed several times for over 1,5 years now here in the forum… :triumph:

Just wondering if anyone knows if you can turn off the vibration when a creature spawns on the map ?? I have a s10 btw. I don’t usually mind it but I’d like to have the option to turn it off in certain situations, the vibration is pretty loud.


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I was thinking of upgrading to an S10. Does it play the game well? My S7 is doing fine but just curious.