Suggestion: Discard or Salvage incubators


I suggest they implement a way to dump or salvage white and blue incubators. Battle Arena is the best part of the game, playing once every 3 hours so you don’t waste your time is not a great player experience.


Although it is pretty cool getting epic dna from those sometimes.


I think each time we battle we could win Dna for our dinos, win or loose


Are you saying that you only battle when you have open incubator slots? Incubators aren’t the only reason to do battles. It’s just a perk.


Only battling for incubators makes sense to me. I’m in no hurry to get to higher level arenas without the supplies and I am not in a position to run around in search of supply depots.


I am saying that. I really like the battle Arena, but I rushed to 3500, got no DNA between like 100 and 3000 because I was full and just doing for fun. Now my raptor and Trex are stunted