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Suggestion - DNA Reward for arena battles


It might be cool if we were to be rewarded with some DNA for any creature we defeat in arena battles, it encourages more battling and a bit of DNA would soften the blow of getting your butt kicked. Might even discourage some of the arena dropping.

I’m not talking about a ton of DNA, just 1 or 2 max, and only in Arena (and maybe Strike Towers) , not in PVP as it would obviously be abused.

What do y’all think?


I prefer it to be up to 3 options. Pick your reward dna. Pick Epic 1/3 choices or 2/10 rares and 3/20 commons. For most of other top players including myself who maxed almost everything, the rewards become useless or unusable. I believe it might give other great players who improving their roster to achieve their goals easier.


Sort of like MPQ . You get everything maxed, and the game somewhat loses it’s charm.


It’s inevitable in most games that players will reach a point where there is not much, if anything, left to do. Some games that may happen in hours and others it may take years. New items are added to the game to extend their life, but it’s always within the construct of what the program can do and eventually will reach a point that there just isn’t much else to add. Then the devs will either rework the game with a new engine, new features and give it a different name or will move onto a completely new project.

Personally, I like this idea… and it’s not just because I suggested it months ago. When new players are starting now in a game that has a player base that is already so far ahead of them it can be discouraging trying to catch up and actually drive new players away. With players leaving that have nothing left to do and new players leave out of that dragging behind frustration, eventually the player base stops growing and only diminishes. Something is needed to keep new players (and many very casual players) excited to stick around and play the game.

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Haha I know someday someone will find me here from mpq. Hey I’m not maxing anything like mpq. Look at the rest of the leaderboard I’m the weakest and slowest to get LV 30 uniques in my alliance. Do I have to ask who’s this ? Friendly attempts here.

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I think the Uniques event like St.Patrick’s one was a test for all players to be able to step up their games. That’s why I suggested above that if the rewards are available as options, Players might be able to catch up easier or focusing on what they already working mid way instead of Ludia’s single dna choice.


@Kingdreadnaught I found you here over 5 months ago when I saw your name on the leader board and of course posted it in Line and sent you a friend request. My in game name is Whitecat31 just like in MPQ. Although, I was one of the leaders of the now defunct X-men alliance I think we only interacted in a few buy groups. Even though, I am finally cracking the top 500, your team constantly looks better and awesome from my perspective.