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[Suggestion] Dodging mini-games


Hello explorers!

Do you remember in the old video games where to execute a move, catch a fish, throw a dart, land a critical or some other thing, you had a bar that had a red/orange/green meters on it, and a little indicator that was moving left/right on the bar and you had to press it in the right moment (when it’s for example on green part) to successfully execute said move. Something like this in this picture:


Now, my idea is that to remove part of the RNG from dodges, to add something like that mini game in Jurrasic World Alive game.

How would that work?
Well, based on the damage the dodging creature would receive and amount of consecutive dodges the creature successfully dodged, the green part would be wider/narrower, and the indicator would move faster/slower. Green part would be 100% damage dodged, while the orange part could be like 50% damage dodged, and the red part would be a failed dodge and all damage is received.

So for example, you’re fighting an Indoraptor who uses evasive stance on turn 1. You brought out some creature that does basic 800 damage. Now you attack, and the Indoraptor player’s indicator would show and since 800 damage is not much, the green part would be pretty wide, and the indicator would move slowly. Now, let’s say he presses right on the green part of the bar and successfully dodges. Next turn, you somewhat survive the DSR from the Indoraptor, and bring up your own rampage for 1600 damage! Now, since he dodged last turn, and this time the damage is much higher, his green bar would be much more narrower, and his indicator would move much faster. That way, to actually dodge few times in a row would at least require some skill.

What do you fellow explorers think about this?

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I dont think it matters as Ludia doesn’t take suggestions from players, no matter how good they are or how much the game would improve. They seem to have their own agenda and schedual and are sticking to it.

I’ve seen soooo many game changing ideas, (and even added a few myself, such as different colored supply drops for each zone) that would have improved general gameplay posted here, in this forum.

110% of them have been ignored.


Different suply drops for each zone would be really really nice… a shame they dont care