[Suggestion] Experiment more with flying creaturs abilitys

I have looked at some of flying creatures and it is fair to say they often slack behind. The goal is not to make flying creatures try to take the space of others types, but to find there own. I suggest that space should lie in unique and odd abilities. So not to only make there stats higher, but it is worth noticing that currently there stat lines are there week point, mostly.
Additional Suggestion:
, For the Epic Dimodactylus or similar DoT focused creatures. To increase their power and therefore there survivability: deal the damage that the DoT was going to do at the end of the turn but on its turn( as an attack). This will give the creation a needed attack boost and therefore maybe actually survive one encounter, but not by increasing its attack stat directly.
, Give flying creatures a unique set of ability that have the possibility to life steal. Possibility could be 100%. This would add an ability that is both aggressive and majorly defensive.
, Give flying creatures a base doge of 5%. Argument, they can fly, and have a relative low HP and defence ability compered to other types. The game has already a base critt of 5% so this will only give a slight increase in the amount of random elements.


Yeah, with the amount of flyers there are, you really never get to use any of them. Even the uniques are rarely used, except for maybe one of them, but it’s pretty hard to get also.
I’d love some more variety and more flyers, maybe next update when things become more “balanced”.

I’m that 1% that bother to level and boost these creatures so they can be on my team. They are so fun to use

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I’ll have to look in to them

I mean, my koolab is a decent Thor counter and pretty good at killing DC and the amount of Dio’s, Tryko’s and Proceratho’s that use instant Distract on Daryx is seriously funny.