Suggestion for 2 teams. One for day, one for night

I have a suggestion for Ludia. Let players from a certain arena onwards, say Jurassic Ruins, have 2 teams of 8, one team for Day/Dusk and one team for Night/Dawn.
This way, more of the dinos will be utilised for battling. It will also make the battles more interesting for players.

It would also be way more expensive.

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Seems unnecessary

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Don’t really get the point in this unless you’ve loads of coin to upgrade everything

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i do wish it was like clash royale where you could have different decks. and you wouldn’t have to swap stuff out all the time depending on how you wanted to play. not time-of-day specific, just for convenience really.

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We don’t really need to use lots of coins to upgrade new dinos. Those players at higher levels would already have plenty usable dinos on the bench. Just use those. Better than keeping them sidelined all the time.

They would have to created or use a standard time considering the different time zones.

There’s nothing stopping you from changing your team anytime you want. I wouldn’t want this forced on me. It’s definitely way too expensive to maintain 2 teams. I’ve been saving up coins for days because my Stegoceratops requires 250,000 coins to level up ONE level. You think I wanna do that with 2 teams? No thanks.

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I’ll agree that u have your point. For those who prefer to max out the favourite 8, certainly they would not like to be forced to maintain another set of 8.
On the other hand, having a second team will create more variety and diversity in our daily battles. And most high level players would already have several viable dinos sitting on the bench.

I think one thing that would be very cool is creating different arenas for Dino’s within the same level ranges example: 5-7, 11-13, 21-24 etc. you get the point. That way you could diversify your entire team in different level ranges to gain a whole new experience. I get friendly battles already do that, but some Dino’s are just better at 26 than others. I think adding ranges could make it fresh for the players and also allow us to get arena exclusive dna without having to drop down on purpose and destroy lower level players (I have never done that, but I read a few post that talked about something like that happening.)