Suggestion for a better "Critical" mechanism

I’m not a gambler, I don’t count on my luck very much. I prefer something I can have more control of. For that matter, this RNG thing has never been my favorite, particularly when it comes to throwing a critical hit.

I can appreciate how a critical hit can make the game more exciting. But how about letting us players have slightly more control of it? I.e. let us use our skill to launch the critical hit.

If you have played Gears of War, then you are already familiar with Active Reload. If you are good, you can reload in shorter time and increase your firepower in next few seconds. If you suck, you just have to wait longer for the reload to be completed.

So how can you apply the same concept for JWA?

Imagine each time we tap on a move button, a small dot will circle around the button.
Tap the button again to commit the move.
There are various “zones” around the circle in different colors.
The value of damage is determined by where the dot lands on when you tap the button for the second time.
So when you tap the button for second time, will determine whether you will throw a higher critical hit, lower, or no critical at all.

I created the mockup to help you understand it better. I’d like to hear from everyone if you think this will make the game fairer for all?

Note: Tap on the image to view larger version. There are supposed to be three shades of yellow. The brightest yellow has smallest area and will give you 100% critical hit. Then the darker shade of yellows give lower critical hit. And so on.

Nice idea…doubt it will be ever considered

Yeah, given how even some of the simplest functionality of the game seems to be beyond Ludia’s ability to get right, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Thanks. I posted the suggestion without thinking Ludia will actually consider this since it requires significant change in battle mechanism. But I had to post it up anyway just to get it out of my head, plus to see what you folks think so feel free to cast your vote if you think this will work!

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I just joined the forum to write about the same thing!! I was imagining a bar though where a dot moves up and down it quickly, red at the top and bottom and green in the middle, you have to stop the dot closer to the middle to increase your chance of the critical. If your beast has a higher chance of a critical hit, the bar is longer to make judging the moment you stop it easier. There is a small button just underneath the bar that has (NC) in it, you need to click that to avoid playing the new critical “mini-game”. You still have the same time as you do now to make the move, so you have to be quick, otherwise it will choose NC itself. This would be good when playing either the same dino, or another one with the same speed. It’s essential in these moments to be as quick as you can, so if you want to risk trying a critical hit, it’s up to you. This in my opinion should only be limited to creatures who have buffed themselves, such as Gorgosuchus or Tryostronix. Every other creature should have critical hit removed.

I have been doing ok recently, with a level 14 team in the Jurassic Ruins arena. I was just about to hit 4300 trophies on Sunday when a terrible streak of losses has happened to drop me to 3880.

The vast majority of these losses (about 90% I’d say) have come about because creatures with 5% critical hit chance have been giving me a critical hit at 2-2 just as I’m about to finish off the opponent. And I mean like almost every single game, the same story. It’s infuriating to say the least. It’s not a game of skill at the moment, it’s pure luck and I’m losing the will to play anymore, which is sad because I’ve loved it for about six months now.

I guess they could apply a similar mechanism to your ability to dodge, as I’ve faced indoraptors and monomimus that have dodged six times in a single game whereas, mine doesn’t survive ANY dodges whatsoever.

Please take note Ludia, stop making us win for 10 games, then lose for 12! I take no pleasure in winning by a critical hit either, I just think “I was lucky” - I don’t want to be lucky, I want to win by earning it.

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The ideas here are really great, it definitely cedes more control to player rather than game programming, seems to benefit players with good muscle memory :smile: